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The Benefits of CalmSupport Opiate Withdrawal Aid

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CalmSupport is the only home remedy opiate withdrawal aid made with active (bioavailable) vitamins and organic whole-herb powders (rather than extracts).

CalmSupport contains ZERO fillers, dyes or artificial ingredients.

CalmSupport is one of the leading home remedy withdrawal aids on the market, as well as one of the most affordable. The quality of our ingredients is something that sets CalmSupport apart. Your body deserves the best ingredients possible when going through withdrawal. CalmSupport was formulated with the help of Registered Herbalists and Doctors.

People with drug addictions are normally not at their peak health. Their body's immune system may be compromised from an improper diet, ingesting large amounts of drugs, little sleep and the lack of personal hygiene. The combination of bad habits and drug use may not allow one’s body to properly metabolize specific vitamins to their fullest extent. The same is true with herbs and amino acids. If you are going to spend your money on an “opiate withdrawal aid supplement”, you should get something that has the finest ingredients available.

We are the only withdrawal aid that includes active bioavailable forms of vitamins in our formula. We only use the bioavailable active forms for easy digestion and for the full absorption of the vitamin, so that you get the most benefits out of each dose.

For example Vitamin B12 in CalmSupport is in the form of Methylcobalamin rather than the widely used and inexpensive cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin does not occur in living organisms, but animals can convert commercially produced cyanocobalamin (which contains a very small amount of cyanide) into active (cofactor) forms of the vitamin, such as Methylcobalamin. The amount of cyanide liberated in this process is so small that its toxicity is negligible. By using Methylcobalamin there is no breakdown or metabolism necessary by the body. This way you are getting the full amount of the vitamin in the most active and absorbable form.

All of our vitamins are in their bioavailable active form. Here are a few other examples of our ingredients:
CalmSupport uses Vitamin B6 in the form of Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate, which is already metabolically active form of B6, and does not need to be converted by the body in order to be used.

CalmSupport uses Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid.  Ascorbic Acid is a naturally occurring organic compound with antioxidant properties in the most easily digestible form unlike other forms of Vitamin C on the market like calcium ascorbate which needs to be converted in the stomach in order to be used.

CalmSupport uses Thiamin (Vitamin B1) as Thiamine HCL, which is the most absorbable form of B1. Other companies instead use Thiamine Mononitrate, which is a synthetic form of Vitamin B1. It is a chemical that needs to be metabolized by the body for digestion.

The Zinc in CalmSupport is in the form of Zinc Citrate. Other companies use Zinc Gluconate, which needs to be metabolized by the body to be used and the bio-availability of these chemicals is virtually none. Since we use the active version of Zinc Citrate in CalmSupport you will receive a full active dose of Zinc.

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CalmSupport does NOT use extracts from herbs. CalmSupport uses the powdered form of whole organically grown herbs, giving you the maximum benefit that each herb provides. You can compare it to taking an apple and squeezing out the juice. You leave behind the skin and the pulp that contains many of the nutrients. Most companies use extracts from herbs as it is easier and more cost efficient.  Our organically grown whole herbal powders have a broad range of constituents to support the body.

CalmSupport does NOT use any fillers in our product. One popular filler also known as a "flow agent" that is commonly used in lower quality supplements is Magnesium Stearate. These fillers are used to easily fill the capsules during production. Some studies have shown that these fillers such as Magnesium Stearate may reduce the absorption of the vitamins and nutrients in the body. We at CalmSupport refuse to cut corners and compromise our product.

All the ingredients in CalmSupport are sourced within The United States as well as manufactured in a Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility in The United States. CalmSupport is dye free, completely vegetarian, and all natural. We stand behind CalmSupport and offer a 30 day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Not happy with CalmSupport? Send back the unused portion and get a full refund. Some of our competitors do not have a refund policy. If a company does not stand by their product by offering a full refund, what does that say about their confidence in their own product?

Our guide was written by Ryan Donnelly the founder of CalmSupport, along with input from Herbalists, Doctors, and lifestyle professionals. Donnelly struggled with opiate addiction first hand, and his path to sobriety helped him learn more about himself, addiction, and ways to live a healthy life free of opiates.

Before you purchase an opiate withdrawal supplement, there are a few things to look for.  If a product says "proprietary blend”, contact the company and ask for more details as to what vitamins, herbs, and amino acids are included in their formula along with what versions of the vitamins they use.

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