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"My name is John and I am a retired Police Officer who was injured on the job and forced to retire medically in 2007. Initially when I hurt my back and it required surgery the doctors prescribed me Oxycodone, and OxyContin. As time went on and my body became used to the meds I had to keep increasing the dosage amount for it to work. After a while I was up to taking eight Oxycodone 30mgs a day, and two OxyContin 80mgs. It was then after six years of usage that I decided this had gotten out of control and it was time to stop taking these meds and tough it out. As you all know stopping these meds whether you go cold turkey, or utilizing the taper down effect you are still going to endure withdrawals. Every person is different, and every time is different. Sometimes it lasts five days, sometimes two weeks, and sometimes even a full month. The main withdrawals ,meaning physical flu-like symptoms ,are over in about five days. The other effects linger on for weeks in many cases. Most of us give in and resort to taking meds again because we either can't miss any more time from work , or can No longer endure the pain and sickness associated with withdrawals, and lastly the lack of sleep and restless leg syndrome. I found Ryan's videos online and I could relate to him because he had a very similar story to mine...." Continue reading this testimonial
John from NJ.
My email is: RecoveryIsLife122778@gmail.com

"Just wanted to say thank you Ryan for getting back to me. I just want to let people know if they have any doubts about Ryan or CalmSupport erase those thoughts out the window. This man honestly cares and is doing his best to share his pain and knowledge to help. I have a long journey ahead of me and had no one to reach out to and so I took a chance to seek Ryan's knowledge and he got back to me. It brought tears to my eyes that someone who is a total stranger took the time and asked " How I was doing". For the first time I actually saw a bit of light in this dark whole of mine. Its giving me the will to embrace this long journey ahead and fight and accept my addiction. Thank you Ryan!"

"Calmsupport has helped me greatly. I was addicted to opiates for 6 years and when I finally decided I was done with living that way I tried calm support and it has helped with my withdrawals greatly. I am so great full for this product and I thank Ryan for helping out and doing whatever he can to help people who have become dependent on opiates. Highly recommended product."
-Erica, NY

“…and that’s the one thing that made me go ahead and try (CalmSupport). He (Ryan Donnelly, Owner of CalmSupport) told me “This is not going to be your free ride pill, but it will help you deal with what you are going through as far as opiate withdrawal and making it more tolerable” … I have only been taking CalmSupport, one in the morning and one in the evening and it has been helping a lot… it has not been easy, but it is tolerable…I definitely recommend it if you’re trying to go the natural way of detoxing and and not trying to start messing around with a bunch of other (prescription) medications, I definitely recommend CalmSupport. It’s a really good product and I want to say this one more time. This is not the magic pill that will make your opiate withdrawal go away, but It will help you with the symptoms”.
- T Quoted from Video Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU9y8Nl9NNc

"I was in a severe car accident 7 years ago. 3 Herniated disks and massive pain led me to a “pain specialist.” I wish I knew what I was getting involved in. After taking my medications as prescribed I was completely dependent on them. I wanted my life back and was gifted the opportunity to try CalmSupport. It has made my life manageable and I am able to feel like myself again."
Irvine, CA

"I learned of CalmSupport when I was 45 days clean and had already been through the acute physical withdrawals but I was still experiencing some difficulties in having a consistent sleeping pattern. I was only able to put together about 4- 6 hours a night at this point so by the end of the day my energy level would really dropped off. The latter was frustrating for a number of reasons but most importantly it was effecting the time I would spend with my children and wife. Once I learned of CalmSupport I educated myself on the website and learned that I could use CalmSupport in the evening to relax my body and mind for a better sleep. I immediately ordered a supply and on the first evening of use I was able to sleep 8 straight hours. I am now just past 60 day clean and with the help of CalmSupport I am consistently sleeping 8-10 hours per night!! Thank you for creating a product that helps a recovering opiate addict regain the much needed sleep we need in our early recovery."
New York

"My daughter has battled with substance abuse for many years after college.  She became addicted to heroin and was in and out of treatment centers. We were living a roller coaster life and I was always worried. She met Ryan and he helped to get her into a treatment center that was the right fit for her. She began taking CalmSupport to help with P.A.W.S. (post acute withdrawal symptoms). I am forever grateful for the work this company does and recommend this product to any parent looking for help."
Carmel, IN

"I began taking opiates in college and found that they gave me energy and a work ethic I had never felt. Over time I was completely addicted and I felt trapped. I come from a very strict family and could not tell them what was going on. I gathered the courage to start my withdrawal with the help of CalmSupport and though it didn't take all my symptoms away, it definitely made the process more comfortable."
Columbia, MD

"I can get wired at night, my mind full of thoughts, ideas, to do lists, and worries that make it difficult for me to let go of the day and allow myself to go to bed and sleep. I keep myself awake trying to get as much done as possible before I give in. I tried CalmSupport and found that my mind or mood eased, the pressure to keep doing was soothed enough that I could relax and get to sleep earlier."
Sarah G

"I was a Division I College football player and got injured early in my Sophomore year. I began taking pain killers to help me stay on the field and relevant on my team. Over time my life was completely reliant on pain pills. After I graduated I lost everything I worked for, was living on my friends couch and had no hope for the future. I found Ryan online and began talking with him and he told me about CalmSupport. With this product, I made it through my withdrawals and have my life back. It does get better, but you have to want it. Thank you."
Jim O.
Columbus, OH

"Dr. McAllister suggested "CalmSupport" a few weeks before my wedding. In addition to the usual wedding stress and demands, there was a family crisis that would have been stressful at any time so even more so at that time. CalmSupport helped me stay calmer and less upset so I could enjoy our special time. Thank you CalmSupport!"
Sandy C.

"My son became addicted to Oxycodone while away at college. He was able to hide this from my wife and I for a little over a year before we noticed he was always broke right after we would send him money. We became concerned and learned of the issue. After contacting Ryan and listening to his advice, we spoke to our son and were very understanding and supportive of his problem. When our son was ready to take the steps to turning his life around, he detoxed in our home with the help of CalmSupport. He made it through and is extremely thankful for the help. From the bottom of a once terrified father's heart, Thank You."
Charles F.
Castle Rock, CO

Please Note: All opiate addictions are different. Metabolism, weight, age, amount per dosage, how long one has used for, and many more factors will determine how one's withdrawal process may be. Individual results may vary.

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