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Stopping Percocet Withdrawals Using All Natural Supplements and Vitamins

Withdrawal Aid Lifestyle Guide
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Stopping Percocet Withdrawals Using All Natural Supplements and Vitamins

Stopping Percocet Withdrawals Using All Natural Supplements and Vitamins
Withdrawal symptoms are a nasty effect of stopping regular doses of addictive drugs such as opiates and NSAIDs. Drug addiction is a serious health problem in the United States and further around the globe, with an estimated 2 million people suffering from drug abuse related disorder in the U.S. alone (NIDA, 2014). Percocet is one such drug that contributes to the problem around the globe. Percocet, a schedule II controlled substance in the U.S., is a semi-synthetic opiate that is prescribed for moderate to severe pain (Dailymed, 2010). It contains Oxycodone and acetaminophen as active ingredients, where Oxycodone is primarily involved in the analgesic and addictive effects.

Oxycodone, the primary active ingredient in Percocet, attaches itself to receptor sites on the central nervous system that are reserved for natural “happy” chemicals such as endorphins, causing feelings of euphoria and relaxation. With prolonged use, the body stops producing the natural “happy” chemicals and becomes wholly dependent on Oxycodone, thus setting the stage for addiction and abuse. Thus, when you stop using Percocet after being on the drug for a long time, the body reacts adversely to the lack of both synthetic and natural “happy” chemical components in the central nervous system, which leads to the withdrawal symptoms.

Nature of Withdrawal Symptoms
Addiction and withdrawal from opiates like Percocet usually vary from one individual to another. The timeline of presentation of different withdrawal symptoms depends on how long you have been on Percocet, the dosage, intervals between one dose and the next, and factors associated with your body biochemistry. However, in general, the first symptoms will hit you within 18-24 hours after missing your last dose. Early symptoms will include fatigue, muscle and joint pains, runny nose, cold chills, sweating, and restlessness. Advanced symptoms will normally start showing within 72 hours, and include hallucinations, insomnia, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, mood swings, depression, and confusion.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms: The Role of Vitamins and Supplements
Withdrawal symptoms are normally a shout for help by the body when it lacks certain elements that are important for normal body function. Vitamins and minerals provide essential building blocks for most of the body’s structural and functional components, such as the nervous and endocrine system. Taking the following vitamins will go a long way in helping to restore normal function and in reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

  1. Vitamin C
    Percocet and other opiates have a negative effect on the levels of Vitamin C in the body, which results in a deficiency of this essential vitamin. When you cut down on your daily dose of Percocet, the body undergoes oxidative stress that manifests as muscles aches, strains, and pain around the joints. Vitamin C helps to reduce oxidative stress and boost your immunity, thus reducing the aches and pains associated with withdrawal (Lind, 2014). Vitamin C is readily available from most vegetables and fruits such as citrus. Alternatively, you can take 2000mg of sustained release Vitamin C supplements to meet the daily requirement when tapering off Percocet.

  1. Vitamin B (B-Complex)
    While the exact effect of B vitamins on opiate withdrawal are still scanty, many people report that 100mg of daily Vitamin B complex helped them to maintain composure and overcome stress and nervousness during withdrawal. These vitamins are known to help calm the over-excited nervous system by helping to balance out other elements. They also help with fatigue and tiredness, which are common withdrawal symptoms.
  1. Multivitamin Supplements
    Most Percocet users suffer from the classic unhealthy eating habits that are characteristic of most opiate addicts. This causes a long-term deficiency in essential vitamins and minerals. When you stop taking the drug, the effects of such eating habits will typically manifest as nausea, vomiting, and lack of appetite. When starting the taper, it is best practice to equip your medicine cabinet with multivitamin and mineral supplements with the daily recommended dietary allowance. When taken with food, such multivitamin supplements will help you keep down food and reduce the occurrence of nausea.
  1. Vitamin E
    Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that prevents damage from oxidative stress and free radicals that are formed during the transformative period of Percocet withdrawal. Vitamin E helps to repair cracked skin that may have resulted from prolonged Percocet use and any other skin conditions. Look for Vitamin E supplements that meet the 100-400 micrograms of daily recommended dietary intake.
  1. Calcium and Magnesium
    Calcium and magnesium are some of the most important elements in the nervous system. When nerve impulses pass through the nerve fibers, they cause changes along the fiber by altering the position of calcium and magnesium molecules along the nerves. Insufficient amounts of these two minerals may cause withdrawal symptoms such as severe anxiety and muscle cramps and tension. Taking foods such as dairy, grains, and leafy vegetables which rich in these minerals will help to relieve anxiety, restlessness, and body aches (Lind, 2014). Make sure you take at least 2000 mg of daily recommended calcium and 100 mg of magnesium every day.

Other Dietary Considerations
It is important to remember to hydrate during the withdrawal process. Symptoms such as vomiting and sweating will quickly deplete your body’s water reserves and predispose you to more serious health problems during withdrawal. Drink plenty of energy drinks that will provide some of the vitamins and minerals you need during the process.

Additionally, observe a healthy, balanced diet when tapering. A balanced diet will help you meet the daily recommended intake for most vitamins and minerals and help you overcome the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Use CalmSupport
CalmSupport offers one of the best withdrawal aids in the market. CalmSupport Opiate Withdrawal Aid was designed to help those of us who need quick and sustained relief from withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal aid contains all vitamins and minerals in their active forms for fast absorption and immediate relief. CalmSupport further contains herb powder which is also designed for fast and efficient relief from withdrawal symptoms.  Each ingredient was picked for its therapeutic role in helping your body through the withdrawal process. CalmSupport does not contain any unnecessary ingredients allowing for higher dosages of therapeutic ingredients.

Stopping your addiction to Percocet is an important life decision that should be made after personal assessment. Once you make the decision, strive to stick to your tapering vitamins and minerals and involve friends and family for physical and emotional support through the process.

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