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Stop Vicodin Addiction and Get Through Withdrawals Naturally

Withdrawal Aid Lifestyle Guide
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Stop Vicodin Addiction and Get Through Withdrawals Naturally

Vicodin is a psychoactive medication that, along with other drugs in its class, is widely abused across America. Vicodin is a prescription painkiller that contains acetaminophen for soothing pain and fever, and Hydrocodone, a narcotic analgesic that is used to suppress pain by acting on the central nervous system. The Hydrocodone component of Vicodin is responsible for the drug’s addictive nature.

Medications containing Hydrocodone such as Vicodin are prescribed more than 140 million times annually to treat pain and coughs in patients with specific conditions such as pneumonia. While the initial prescription may have been used to treat a legitimate ailment, people always find the drugs tendency to make you experience euphoria and relaxation addictive and continue using the drug for non-medication purposes. With continued use, you will always find that more of the drug is needed to deliver the same euphoric feeling every other time. 

Elevated Vicodin doses are normally risky for the individual. Confusion, anxiety, convulsions, and seizures are typical signs that accompany a Vicodin addict. Serious Vicodin abuse will often cause a slow heartbeat and eventually lead to coma or even death. Overdosing on Vicodin is common because enormous amount of prescriptions that are written in a year. When that many people are consuming such a dangerous medication that alters brain chemicals drastically, bad things are bound to occur.  

Making the Decision to Break Vicodin Addiction
Some people suggest that since Vicodin is a prescription drug and not an illicit drug, the effects are less damaging than, say, heroin, or cocaine. Vicodin addiction is just as debilitating as other hard opiates and can result in significant loss of function for the individual. As is the case with all other addictive drugs, the decision to break your Vicodin addiction lies squarely with you. Making a sober decision to quit will go a long way in strengthening your resolve and help you beat withdrawal symptoms and stay clean as you move ahead with your life. 

How to Stop Vicodin Addiction
After you have made the solid decision to wean yourself off Vicodin, you should start planning on the best method to do it. There are three common ways of going about the process. You can choose to end your daily Vicodin intake abruptly in what is loosely referred to as “going cold turkey”. While this method will enable you to disentangle yourself from the jaw of addiction, you will experience the worst kinds of withdrawal symptoms and will be more likely to relapse into old habits. 

You could also reduce your dose every few days in a slow taper until you are ready to stop your Vicodin intake completely. While there is no consensus on the best method, a slow taper is best if you want to experience fewer withdrawal symptoms and increase your chances of a Vicodin-free future.

Implementing your Vicodin Taper and Managing Withdrawal Symptoms
Depending on the length of time you have been on Vicodin, your daily dose, and other individual factors, your withdrawal symptoms may last anywhere between a few days and a few weeks. Therefore, it pays to be adequately prepared during this time, given the severe nature of the withdrawal symptoms that sneak up between the second and third day of your taper. It is critical that you stock up with essential supplies that could last at least two weeks. You do not want to rush to the store in your pajamas in the middle of the day looking for Gatorade or something to eat because you ran out. The following items will enable you get through the withdrawal symptoms naturally, especially when doing it at home.

  1. Electrolyte Drinks and Other Fluids
    Once you start your Vicodin taper, you will start experiencing the first of the withdrawal symptoms about 24 hours after your last dose. Symptoms such as shivering, cold sweats, chills, and fever will result in significant dehydration. Diarrhea and vomiting will further add to the burden of water loss, which predispose you to a variety of serious health risks. Drink plenty of water, sports drinks like Gatorade, orange juice, and electrolyte-containing fluids that will help keep you balanced and hydrated.
  1. Healthy Food
    During the first few days of the Vicodin taper, you will develop a deep-seated dislike for food. However, you should always try to eat small portions of light food throughout the day to help manage symptoms like stomach upsets and muscle cramps. A week into your routine, get some turkey or chicken to provide some much-needed protein into your diet. Avoid fast food at all costs, because the oily food provided in most outlets is not good for your digestion at this point. Also, remember to get some fruits and assorted vegetables to provide vitamins and minerals.
  1. Sanitary supplies
    Withdrawal symptoms will undoubtedly get nasty at some point, so it will do you a great deal of good to get some tissue paper, towels, Lysol, baby wipes, and garbage bags. 
  1. Entertainment
    Another great way of ensuring you get through the withdrawals is by keeping yourself preoccupied with good entertainment. Take this opportunity to stock up on your favorite movies, video games, magazines, and books to pass time and distract your mind. Streaming services offer you the opportunity to start a popular television series and watch it from start to finish. This will greatly help you distract your mind and allow for time to pass quickly.
  1. Medication
    Over-the-counter drugs like Aleve, Imodium AD, Benadryl, and Pepto-Bismol can be used to manage some withdrawal symptoms such as muscle pain and tension, stomach upset, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea.

    You should also try some non-medical interventions to treat body aches and pains such as using a heating pad or taking a hot bath or shower whenever the aches become a little bit too much. As much as possible try engaging your mind with a hobby or by taking walks around the neighborhood. Letting your mind wander while cooped up in the house is a recipe for mental symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and agitation.

We Recommend CalmSupport
During the withdrawal period, your body is undergoing a myriad of physiological changes that cause it to burn through its nutrient supplies, chiefly proteins, vitamins, and minerals. CalmSupport is a withdrawal aid that not only provides essential vitamins for your body, but also provides them in an active form that ensures they are absorbed quickly for quick results. Other ingredients such as organic whole herbs in the CalmSupport withdrawal aid help to reduce the length of withdrawal symptoms. The CalmSupport network consists of informative resources and a support structure that will help you break your Vicodin addiction and help you put the power back into your hands.

Despite the horror stories highlighting the adverse effects of withdrawal symptoms, quitting your Vicodin addiction is an achievable feat. Surround yourself with positive energy from friends and family and make efforts to connect with a support group for addicts in your area for an well-rounded support structure that will help you to rebuild your life.


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