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Opiate Withdrawal

Withdrawal Aid Lifestyle Guide
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Opiate addiction is very powerful. Not only are the psychological affects strong, but also the physical affects brought on from the drugs.  When you are ready to stop using opiates, there are a lot of thoughts that may go through your mind.  One of the scariest things about quitting opiates is the fear of opiate withdrawal. What will opiate withdrawal symptoms feel like? How sick am I going to get? How long will the opiate withdrawal symptoms last? Am I ever going to feel normal again? Will I ever have energy again or a passion for life? Opiate addiction is a very serious issue and has destroyed countless lives around the world.  Many people who become addicted continue using because they are scared to face reality.

Opiates were created to help reduce physical pain, but they also reduce "mental" pain by releasing endorphins, which are known as the "feel good" chemicals of the brain. Opiates are known for giving a "numbing" feeling, or a warming sensation to the user.  After abusing opiates for a while, the chemicals in your become out of sync. No longer is your brain producing the proper chemicals independently.   Instead the brain becomes accustomed to using a synthetic drug to do what it should be doing naturally. Speaking from experience, opiate withdrawal is a very terrifying thing to face. Not knowing how your body will react to the physical aspects of withdrawal, as well as the mental torture that opiate withdrawal may cause is extremely frightening. Some people claim it is like having the worst case of the flu multiplied many times over.

After stopping opiates, your brain will go through some dramatic changes.  Opiates have become a necessity for your brain to function properly. Over time, the opiates replace the need for your brain to naturally produce essential chemicals such as the serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline systems. The effects of not having opiates puts your brain into overload. Each of these levels have been completely altered from their natural state due to the abuse of opiates.  Your brain panics and starts the withdrawal process as it is waiting for the opiates to make you feel "normal". When the opiates are not taken, opiate withdrawal begins.  The brain is unable to keep a stable level of chemicals and reactions such as extreme depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, aches, pains, headaches, hot and cold sweats, confusion, loss of appetite, runny nose, yawning, and an overall cloudy sense of reality begins.

Opiate withdrawal symptoms last longer for some people than others. What causes the length of time varies for many different reasons. Length of use, amount of use, genetics, overall health, and age play a major factor in how long the withdrawal symptoms last.  It is going to take time for your brain chemicals to restabilize, and during this time you may feel miserable. It is important to realize that your brain will slowly start to stabilize and you will start to feel better! Opiate withdrawal is a scary hurdle to overcome, but we at CalmSupport.com are here to help you the natural way. CalmSupport was formulated with the highest quality of organic ingredients and active vitamins made specifically to help soothe withdrawal symptoms from opiates. Using our Opiate Withdrawal Aid Program will help make withdrawal a little easier on both your body and mind.

Opiate withdrawal is a war between your mind and body. Your body goes through huge changes and claws at your mind to give it the chemicals it wants. When your body has been given opiates for along period of time, the chemicals in your brain deplete. The natural levels of these chemicals are low because your brain has no need to produce them while they are being replaced by opiates. When you stop using abruptly (cold turkey) your brain is starving for these chemicals. With minimal means of creating them on their own, the body suffers serious side effects from this. Symptoms you could expect are a runny nose, watery eyes, headache, loss of appetite, upset stomach, aches and pains, depression, insomnia, restless legs, and extreme fatigue.

Taking CalmSupport is the first step in helping to get your mind and body back to normal. We only use organic herbs and active vitamins. Our unique formula was created to give you each ingredient at a therapeutic level to repair your body and restore it to a healthy state. You should take CalmSupport Opiate Withdrawal Aid twice a day, once in the morning when you get up, and once before you go to sleep at night. Take each capsule with a glass of water and preferably with some food.

Our unique blend of active vitamins, organic herbs and amino acids along with our "Opiate Withdrawal Aid Lifestyle Program" will help you lead a healthier lifestyle while helping to detox your body and help soothe the symptoms of opiate withdrawal naturally.  Opiate abuse not only affects your brain and body, it also affects your job, relationships, family, and more.  CalmSupport uses the finest organic herbal powder rather than extracts in order to give you the full benefit that each specific herb provides. We also only use active versions of vitamins which don't need to be metabolized by your body, allowing for easier digestion and faster absorption.

If you were to purchase all of these certified organic herbs, active vitamins and amino acids separately, they would cost over $550 per month but for less than $3 per day, you can enjoy all the benefits of our unique and organic formula and Lifestyle Guide to help detox your body and get back to a more natural, healthy life.

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