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How to break your addiction to Heroin From Home

Withdrawal Aid Lifestyle Guide
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How to break your addiction to Heroin From Home

Heroin is one of the most addictive opiates in its class, affecting over 2 million families and individuals in the United States alone. Data spanning from 2002 indicates that the average heroin addict ingests around 200mg of heroin every day, leading to more heroin-related deaths than traffic-related fatalities over the past few years. In a recent study, the CDC reported that heroin-related deaths in 28 states had doubled within a two-year span between 2010 and 2012 (CDC, 2014). Heroin addiction has been implicated in many criminal activities across the country, not to mention the millions in losses resulting from loss of labor from the U.S. economy. Despite the bleak picture painted by the statistics, there is hope for the hundreds of thousands who are addicted across the country. Heroin withdrawal produces some of the harshest symptoms of all opiates. However, with a strong mental resolve and physical preparation, beating your addiction to heroin is possible even from the comfort of your home. Heroin, like other addictive opiate painkillers, attaches to receptor sites on nerves endings in your brain and imitate endorphins produced by the body. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body to suppress pain and induce emotional and physical happiness. When heroin occupies their receptor sites on the nerves, the body ceases to produce natural endorphins and becomes dependent on the less efficient “synthetic endorphins.”

Once you begin withdrawal, the symptoms that you get are caused by the lack of endorphins and the body’s efforts to start producing them again. During the first 12 hours after you miss your dose, you will start experiencing cold chills, stomachaches sweating, fatigue, sleeplessness, muscle aches and pains, teary eyes, constant yawning, and a runny nose. As you approach 48 hours, your symptoms will advance to diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and mental psychosis. The duration of the withdrawal symptoms varies from one individual to another, so it is important to see your doctor to get the complete picture of what you should expect.

Options for Breaking your Heroin Addiction at Home
There are several methods that you can use to break your heroin addiction. One of the methods that are commonly used is going ‘cold turkey’, which involves stopping your dose abruptly without using other drugs or reducing your dosage. Most research advises against going cold turkey because of the severity of withdrawal symptoms and the tendency to relapse after successfully quitting. Another method involves the use of less potent opiates like methadone to wean off heroin intake. The best method is a slow taper, where you gradually reduce your intake until the dose is small enough to stop without any dramatic symptoms. Research shows that this method presents the best chance for addicts to prevent a relapse in future after becoming clean.

How to Break your Heroin Addiction from the Comfort of your Home
With heroin withdrawal, it pays to be adequately prepared before starting the process at home. The first and probably the most important point to consider is your mental preparation. Making the decision to quit should be your decision after a careful evaluation of your life and the impact the addiction has had on you, your family, and friends. This will give you emotional and mental strength once you start the withdrawal process.

After you make a solid decision to quit, begin planning for the process. Tell close friends and family who can support you emotionally, mentally, and physically during the process. It is also important to inform your doctor and discuss with them the best strategy to achieve your goals. Many heroin tapers typically involve a 5-10% reduction in dosage every few days to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are not very nasty. The doctor will advise you on the best dose reduction strategy and will most likely check up on you during your home taper to ensure you are okay. You should also ask your doctor to prescribe you some medicine for the muscle cramps, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nausea for use during the withdrawal period. The most commonly prescribed medicine for these symptoms includes Advil, Tylenol, Pepto-Bismol, and Imodium AD.

Additionally, make sure you are fully stocked with essential supplies and food for at least two weeks. Food and drinks should top the list of items that you should get from the store. Once you start vomiting, sweating, and diarrhea, you will always be acutely dehydrated. Dehydration during a heroin taper will most likely lead to serious complication so you should always stock up enough fluids to help you through. Sports drinks such as Gatorade and other fluids like orange juice will help keep you hydrated. Even though you will develop a strong aversion to food, it is important to force yourself to eat healthy food throughout the withdrawal period. On the first few days, start with light food such as rice and yogurt and work your way up to heavier foods such as chicken as you proceed with the regimen. Remember to stock up on a lot of fruits and vegetables for vital vitamins and minerals. Avoid greasy, fatty foods that are obtained from fast food outlets because these tend to mess up with your digestive system.

You should also remember to take some time off from work and from every other activity that normally keeps you preoccupied during the day. Find good clothes that you can easily take off and put on to assist with the hot and cold sweats. Get adequate rest and always sleep whenever you feel drowsy or sleepy to account for the lack of sleep that comes at night. Find a good distraction like a new hobby, good music, TV, video games, or regular walks around the neighborhood to keep your mind preoccupied. The key to winning the battle is by mastering your thoughts and not giving too much attention to the withdrawal symptoms.

Using CalmSupport For Heroin Withdrawal Support

CalmSupport is an industry-leading withdrawal aid that provides active vitamins and organic herbs to supplement your daily nutritional needs. The ingredients contained in CalmSupport may provide quick relief to most withdrawal symptoms experienced during the heroin withdrawal process and helps the body to reconstruct its physiological functions. As a bonus, CalmSupport comes with a free Lifestyle Guide to help you along your heroin-free life. Read more about CalmSupport to learn how we can help you break your heroin addiction and reclaim your life.

There is always hope of getting off an opiate addiction at home, even with the withdrawal symptoms that you may experience. Get a good support system that consists of a closely-knit network of family, friends, and members of your local support group. This group will provide critical support before, during, and after you have successfully weaned off heroin.

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