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Home Remedies For Withdrawal

Withdrawal Aid Lifestyle Guide
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Free Online Home Remedy Guide for Opiate Withdrawal. Detoxify your body, and help ease opiate withdrawal symptoms from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Help lessen the withdrawal symptoms related to opioid use from painkillers and narcotics such as: Oxycontin, Percocet, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Vicodin, Codeine, Morphine, Demerol, Heroin, Methadone, Suboxone, Roxicodone, Dilaudid, Oxycodone, and more.

Opiate addiction has reached epidemic proportions. It’s affecting every city, large and small across the country. Opiate addiction does not discriminate. It affects people of all ages, races, genders, and classes. Opiate use is increasing at a rapid rate and overdose deaths are at the highest levels ever. Many people know someone who is addicted to painkillers, or possibly even heroin. If you or someone you know is a addicted to opiates, it’s important to get them help as soon as possible.  The longer someone uses, the quicker their tolerance builds leading to higher doses with potentially deadly consequences.

The more opiates an individual consumes, the more difficult opiate withdrawal will be.  Home detoxing from opiates is mildly safe, as long as hydration is maintained. One the biggest problems most addicts face while withdrawing is becoming dehydrated. Opiate withdrawal is an uncomfortable experience, but using this remedy guide below will help ease the symptoms and make the withdrawals more tolerable.

Detoxing from opiates at home can be done successfully, but it’s important that you are prepared. Part of the home remedy for opiate withdrawal system is to know what to expect, and what you should have prepared before quitting. Many of the items on our home remedy withdrawal list are every day items you can find at your local supermarket or convenience store to help aid in your withdrawal.

Home Remedy Checklist For Opiate Withdrawal

Before you make the decision to quit using opiates, you should prepare for the next couple of days that you be going through withdrawal. Everyone experiences withdrawal symptoms differently and to different extents depending on weight, age, and metabolism. The following items will help make your withdrawal process more comfortable.

Sports Drinks: I can’t stress this enough. Drinking is going to be very important so that you don’t become dehydrated. I recommend sports drinks such as Gatorade, or Powerade. Drinks with sugar, sodium and electrolytes will be important to help keep you hydrated, and your sodium levels balanced. We also recommend choosing sports drinks that are light colors. Since you may experience diarrhea and vomiting you don’t want to mistake any red drinks as blood.

Different outfits and clothing: One of the common withdrawal symptoms you may experience are hot and cold flashes. One minute you may be freezing, and the next sweating. Pick out a bunch of your favorite comfortable clothing so that you can change as often as you need. Try to have enough clothing for a few days so you won’t have to do the laundry.

Toilet Paper, Napkins, Towels, Garbage Bags, Lysol: Depending how long you were using opiates will depend on the severity of your withdrawal. Vomiting, diarrhea, sweating will most likely be present so make sure you have plenty of items to stay clean before you begin going through withdrawals. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of sanitary supplies.

Fan:  As you go through withdrawals you may experience the sweats. Sometimes a fan is nice to have available that will keep the air moving. If you can open the window and get some fresh air that will definitely help as well.

Entertainment: Occupying yourself while going through withdrawals will be important. You don’t want to sit around in bed being sick. Try to find something that is entertaining and will help keep you occupied. We recommend video games, puzzles, movies. Try to find things you enjoy and stock up on them for the next few days. Pick up some magazines to read, or look around online for some fun websites to keep you entertained.

Light Meals Such as Soup, Crackers, Bread: The last thing on your mind will be eating, but it’s important that you take in some calories during the day. Small light meals spread out through the day are a great.  We suggest soups, crackers, toast and other light meals. They will be light on your stomach, and easy to digest and will keep you nourished while experiencing withdrawals.

Acetaminophen: Commonly known as Tylenol. A main withdrawal symptom you will most likely notice is body aches, muscle pains, and cramps. Also your brain chemicals may be out of sync from abusing opiates so you may suffer from headaches, especially if you are dehydrated. Tylenol is great at alleviating the aches and pains you may experience. Just remember to watch your doses carefully and not to go over the daily recommend use.

Imodium AD:  One of the most common withdrawal symptoms is diarrhea and stomach aches and cramping. Opiates slow down your digestive track, and one common side affect of opiate abuse is constipation. Once you get off of opiates, you may experience diarrhea which means you are losing liquids. Imodium AD helps to relax your digestive track, to help ease the diarrhea, as well as allow your body to absorb the hydration that it needs. Make sure to follow the instructions on the Imodium AD.

Access to Bathroom/Shower/Bathtub: Aches and pains are common during withdrawal so having access to a bathtub or shower can work wonders on your body. We recommend taking a shower with as hot of water that you can take. The hot water will help sooth your sore body. The steam will also help open your pores and help your body detoxify. It will also help to keep your head open to breath well. When going through withdrawal it’s common to have body odor. Depending on how much opiates you were using, it’s common when you are sweating to smell the toxins leaving your body. Taking a nice shower is a great way to freshen up and feel better at the same time.

Private Room/Earplugs/Silence:  Going through withdrawal is tiring. Your going to be sore, uncomfortable, and the idea is to try to make your living arrangements as comfortable as possible while you withdraw at home. If you live in the city or a loud area, investing in a pair of earplugs can be very beneficial. If you have roommates let them know what you are going though and ask if they can keep any noise down. White noise is a great way to help drown out any sounds. This can also be accomplished by using a radio set to static.

We also recommend CalmSupport.com: Using CalmSupport as an aid to help ease the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. CalmSupport is the only withdrawl aid supplement on the market that uses active vitamins and herb powder (rather than herbal extracts). With the full powder you receive the benefits that the entire herb provides. As for the active vitamins it’s important to realize that not all vitamins are created equal. We only use active vitamins that do not need to be metabolized into any other form.

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CalmSupport also comes with a Lifestyle Guide that is delivered instantly via email as soon as your order is placed. This will allow you to prepare for the withdrawals before CalmSupport even arrives.

Going Through Withdrawal:
Opiate withdrawal is different for all people. Some want the support and comfort of others while detoxing, while other people may want to be left alone. The most important thing is that when you make the decision to quit opiates, you stick to your goal of sobriety. Your mind is going to crave the drug, so it’s important to get rid of all your pills, heroin or opiates. Delete your dealer’s numbers, and cut off all of your friends that you used with. You can’t have any enablers around while you are going through this fragile stage. Any small slip up and you will be back to the beginning, and possibly worse. Also stay away from any places that may trigger your urge to use. Millions of people have successfully overcome their dependency to opiates, and so can you.

What to expect:
You can expect to feel miserable for a couple of days, but I can assure you from personal experience, it will get better and you will be happy you have overcome your addiction. Understand that withdrawals are going to be uncomfortable which could last a week. Be mentally prepared for withdrawal so that you may resist any urge to use again. All it takes is one pill to fall back into your addiction, so stay strong..

How long will opiate withdrawal symptoms last?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions and it really varies from person to person. Depending on your age, gender, amount of opiates you used, your metabolism, and your general health will all play a large factor in your withdrawal process. Within the first 24 hours you should start to experience withdrawal symptoms. Many say it feels like the onset of the flu. During the next 24-72 hours you will most likely be at the worst stages of withdrawal. Vomiting, sweats, diarrhea is normally common. Normally after the 72-hour mark, your body will start to re-adjust and feel a little better again, but it can still take another few days for you to start feeling normal again.

While You Are Detoxing
Stay Comfortable: Your body is going to go through different stages of withdrawal. You may feel hot one minute, while cold the next so try to keep your body temperature regulated. Blankets, air conditioners, fans, different outfits will help you accomplish this.

Resting & Sleep: This may be one of the hardest things to do, yet sleep is very important. Your body heals itself while you sleep so do what you can to rest up. (CalmSupport has natural ingredients that help people relax such as L-Tryptophan for helping people relax, as well as get some sleep).

Maintaining Hydration: Between the diarrhea, sweating, and vomiting, you are going to need to drink plenty. Stick with light colored sports drinks as they replenish the body the best and the fastest. Stick with light colors and keep a bottle near you at all times. Keep some in the refrigerator, as well as some out.  That way you can decide if you would like one at room temperature or cold from the refrigerator.

Taking Hot Showers: This will help keep your head open, as you might be congested. This will also help to clear out your lungs, allow you to breath easier, as well as help sore your aching muscles and joints. A lot of addicts going through withdrawal notice their body smells differently as they go through withdrawals. This is normally the toxins being released from your body so taking how showers will also help feel you fresh and clean.

Taking Acetaminophen: If you have a headache, backache, or any muscle pain which is common when going through withdrawals, take some Tylenol or Acetaminophen. This will help ease some of the pain you are experiencing.

Keeping Entertained/Distracted: You don’t want to sit around staring at your walls all day long. Read a book, rent some movies, catch up on your latest television series. Play some video games, do some arts and crafts projects. Anything to help keep your mind off of the withdrawals.

Maintaining Nutrition: Drinking sports drinks is definitely helpful, but you will also need to put some nutrition into your body. It’s important to eat small meals throughout the day to keep your calorie intake up as well as feed your body the nutrients it’s most likely been lacking. Soups are a great light way to help get some food into your body along with some crackers. You don’t want to eat any heavy meals. Stick to soups, crackers, egg whites, fresh vegetables, some fruit and other light snacks. Stay away from soda and caffeine, candy, ice cream.  The goal is to feed your body with nutrients that will help it heal.

Light Exercising: After the first few days as you start to feel better, start doing some light exercising. Get out of your house: You don’t want to go stir crazy. (Don’t drive) just take a walk to get some fresh air. The fresh air will help, but even more so walking around will help get your heart pumping and any form of exercise including walking will also help to decrease stress and help your body heal.

CalmSupport: (Optional, but highly recommended)  Click here to read more about CalmSupport Also read our testimonials from real people who use CalmSupport as part of the opiate withdrawal system.

Benefits of home detoxification vs prison:
The benefits of detoxing at home is that you are in control. You can cater to your individual needs. Having a clean bathroom, having privacy, and clothing is important to make your withdrawals as comfortable as possible. Prison is the last place you will want to go through opiate withdrawals. Besides the fact that many prisons do not have withdrawal programs,  Also prison is also the last place you are going to get any sympathy. It’s noisy, dirty, and will just make your withdrawal experience horrible.  If you are looking to get clean because you have a sentence coming up, follow the tips and tricks on this page so you don't end up going through withdrawals in prison.

After you are clean, it’s going to be important to maintain a sober life. Find a local support meetings for AA. These are great ways to find other addicts who are going through the same challenges you are. Stay away from other prescription drugs while you are going through withdrawal. Some people take Xanax or Valium to help them with the withdrawals, but this just replacing one drug for another. 

If you are reading this page, there is hope for getting clean in the comfort of your own home. To help make your withdrawal process even better, we recommend you reading more about CalmSupport.

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