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"My name is John and I am a retired Police Officer who was injured on the job and forced to retire medically in 2007. Initially when I hurt my back and it required surgery the doctors prescribed me Oxycodone, and OxyContin. As time went on and my body became used to the meds I had to keep increasing the dosage amount for it to work. After a while I was up to taking eight Oxycodone 30mgs a day, and two OxyContin 80mgs. It was then after six years of usage that I decided this had gotten out of control and it was time to stop taking these meds and tough it out. As you all know stopping these meds whether you go cold turkey, or utilizing the taper down effect you are still going to endure withdrawals. Every person is different, and every time is different. Sometimes it lasts five days, sometimes two weeks, and sometimes even a full month. The main withdrawals ,meaning physical flu-like symptoms ,are over in about five days. The other effects linger on for weeks in many cases. Most of us give in and resort to taking meds again because we either can't miss any more time from work , or can No longer endure the pain and sickness associated with withdrawals, and lastly the lack of sleep and restless leg syndrome. I found Ryan's videos online and I could relate to him because he had a very similar story to mine. He came from a middle class family, and was around my age, and also from NJ ! He inspired me to stop taking the meds, and mentally I no longer wanted them, but I had to find a way to beat the withdrawals. I tried an over the counter product that was marketed to help " ease your withdrawals". This product had a day and night capsule that would allegedly help you to ensure the pain. After wasting $100 or so on this product I realized that it did absolutely NOTHING. That is when I found out that Ryan had released a product called Calm Support that would help you with your withdrawals. What I liked about his product was number 1 Ryan was a recovering addict himself. He knows what withdrawal hell is like, and he also knows all the BS stuff on the market that claim to aid in withdrawal. He had no reason to make false claims about his product, and also after helping so many people to get clean it would look really bad to ruin his reputation over making a few bucks. The number 2 reason I tried his product Calm Support is that he never claimed it would end our withdrawals and it was some magic pill that cured you overnight. He stated it would help you to go through withdrawal. So anyway, I purchased one bottle of Calm Support and figured I would give it a try. I stopped taking my opiates and took Calm Support as directed on the bottle. One in the morning, and one at night. Day 1 is usually no problem for any of us -and typically 24 hours post your last dosage of Oxycodone you would start experiencing minor withdrawals that would peak on days 2-4. Anyway day one went well and I went to sleep that night. The insomnia usually kicked in one day two with no sleep for 7-10 days. Anyway, I woke up day two about + 30 hours last dosage of opiates. Usually at this time my throat closes up, I have watery eyes, and some dry heaving or hacking cough to get the flem out of my throat. Instead I woke up well rested and had some slight runny nose and eyes, but nothing to bad. I took my calm support and went about the day. At about + 36 hours I noticed the typical body temperature off and not being able to really sit still from being hot then cold then hot again. However, it was very minor and I just went outside and say by the pool. Main thing I was NOT SICK !! Now I am getting into the evening hours of Day 2. Mild diarrhea started, so I took Imodium AD. This part is unavoidable no matter what you take because the stuff has to leave your body somehow. So I am now + 40 hours after last dose and I took my evening Calm support. Symptoms at this time are now light runny nose, mild lethargy, and some sneezing. I should be sick as can be , but once again I'm NOT !! I'm not totally healthy either, but its a ton better then normal I must say. I'm starting to feel very relaxed and calm now, and actually I feel tired !! So I go to get in bed at + 44 hours last dose and its around 10pm. Guess what ??? I fell asleep around 11pm and I next woke up to a text message and it was 4:14 Am !! Did I actually just sleep 5 hours straight through in day 2 of withdrawal I asked myself ?? No way was my initial thoughts, but guess what ? Yes I actually slept ! I stayed in bed and drifted in and out of sleep until I got out of bed around 10am. I woke up and took my calm support capsule. I am now + 55 hours clean. My symptoms now are excessive sneezing of 6-8 sneezes upon walking outside and the sunlight hits me. I found out by tons of research that we sneeze during withdrawal whenever we go outside or experience bright lights. The brightness triggers something in our brain to Make us sneeze: anyway, back to the symptoms. Still had diarrhea and gas, but the Imodium worked somewhat. I was very relaxed and calm, I always noticed during previous withdrawals that my anxiety was bad and my teeth would chatter at night similar to being cold. The Calm support pills made my body feel tired as if I had just taken a benzo to fall asleep !! Only thing is I was totally clean and no benzo was needed. So my symptoms were some stomach issues, sneezing, and mild lethargy and lack of motivation. The main thing here is I did not suffer or endure the days of extreme depression, and sadness, and lack of motivation, desire, and horrific flu like symptoms. I made it through day 3 sitting around the house and watching TV. I'm now 72 Hours clean and getting ready for bed. I take my pill and go to sleep at + 80 hours or so. I slept from 10pm until 8am no worries. I now wake up on day 4 and the only thing I have wrong is I'm tired. That is my only symptom !!!! I continued taking my calm support and I made it to the gym on day 5 !! In concluding my thoughts on this product I can tell you IT WORKS !!! It does exactly what it says it will do, and doesn't make any false claims whatsoever. It makes your body feel relaxed and gives you the mental clarity you would be missing without this product. My physical symptoms were only about 1/4 of What they usually were if I went cold turkey without calm support. My mental clarity, depression, Lack of Desire and motivation were all about 1/10th of what they would be without it. I can tell you I could return to work on day 3 of I had to. Last time I went through WD I was out of work for 17 days !!! That's a long time, but typically people miss 7-10 days. With calm support you sleep at night and this enables you to have mental stability and that calm soothing effect on your brain. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to stop using opiates. I am in no way affiliated with this company, I never met Ryan, and all I am is a recovering addict who wants to help other people. With that being said, this stuff works, and this stuff will help get you clean without any major side effects. You can email me at any time if you want some advice on how I took this stuff or what I did to get clean."
John from NJ.
My email is: RecoveryIsLife122778@gmail.com

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