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Wilkes-Barre Hit Hard By The Heroin Epidemic

Analysts say that Wilkes-Barre could be one of the unhappiest places in America thanks to the opiate abuse epidemic. Recent reports from the area paint a picture of a situation that is fast getting out of hand. Indeed, desperation and hopelessness are the daily portions for most families that continue to watch helplessly as their loved ones get swept away by this problem. What is even worse is that in the recent times, the situation has shown every sign of escalating. This relentlessness has caused agony and pain to the community especially when the economy requires people to be productive so as to grow.

People Are Dying
Just recently, a body of a young woman who died because of heroin overdose was discovered in the area. As people mourn her unfortunate fate, one thing that cannot be swept under the carpet is the fact that she is just a representation of the many other people that are losing their lives. It starts with a simple usage of opiates and then escalates to heroin and other harder drugs. When an overdose occurs, there may be no one in vicinity to rescue the victims and that is how they lose their lives. According to local officials, such deaths have become the norm of the day in this area.

Heroin is Easily Available
One of the major challenges that authorities face when it comes to fighting the heroin epidemic in Wilkes-Barre is the availability of this drug. Unlike many years ago when it was almost unreachable, young people are buying drugs right from the shelves of local stores. Traffickers find it too easy to sell their products despite the understanding that it is one of the things that have messed up many families. You will be baffled to find out that some o these drugs are sold right in the neighborhoods and unsuspecting locals do not have any clue.

Some Cases Go Unreported
If you are already surprised that the number of deaths in this area are too high, you have not hear it all yet. Law enforcers say that there are various overdose deaths that go unreported. This has to do with things such as family beliefs, religious practices and stigma. There are families that would not want to announce that one of their loved ones has died because of a heroin overdose. Such families believe that it would be a bad thing for their reputation. They therefore bury their dead and proceed with their lives.

Clearly, Wilkes-Barre is not one of the places that one would want to be in at the moment. This is partly thanks to the fact that heroin and opiate abuse has had a major effect on the area. With young energetic people who are supposed to be working and feeding their families wasting away because of drugs, there is almost no hope here. Going forward, the only thing that can be done to restore happiness to the locals is a plan that will ensure that those who are addicted get out of it, and new users do not get into this habit.


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