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Why Seniors are Suffering From The Opioid Epidemic 

It seems like nothing is likely to stop the top physicians from the United States from prescribing opioids too swiftly. There is no doubt that physician need to look for alternatives when it comes to managing chronic pain. This is according to one of the country’s to consultants, Reynolds. He also points out that there is need for doctors to talk to their patients about the available options for managing pain. This comes in the wake of revelations that the number of people how are getting addicted to these drugs is growing at an alarming rate every year.

Unfortunately, not many doctors around the country are doing enough to help in the fight against these problems. For instance, there are those who do not care to loom at the available statistics before they prescribe opioids. In fact, they do not even understand the basics of this complicate subject. This is the reason most of them have been too quick to prescribe opioids yet, they know that it is a growing issue not only among the urban youth but among everyone across the nation. Clearly, these doctors have to be more observant and learn how to cooperate with the players in the industry to combat the crime.

Reynolds also mentioned that they were determined to go out of their way to ensure that there is a reduction in the use of opioids especially among the seniors. This is a sentiment that was echoed by Landsverk, his long term associate. She mentioned that it was unfortunate that there are physicians who want to continue having these drugs in their chest. It is important to point out that some of these drugs are associated with serious diseases such as blood pressure spikes especially among the seniors.

The professionals also added that in order to manage this situation, it is good to make everything person centered. It is unfortunate that health care givers no longer have the interest and passion to follow up with their patients just to make sure that they are using the drugs the way they should. In addition to that, the statistics show that if this was done, the abuse ceases and the deaths being reported all the time would have easily been avoided. If one looks at the growing rate of drug abuse in almost all the major states, there is no doubt that following up on these cases would have a major impact.

What is baffling in most of the states across America is the common belief that there may not be any short term solutions to these problems. In fact, it is more worrying to note that even the physicians, who should give hoe to the victims, also hold the same belief. However, what is without a doubt is that if everyone plays their part; there would be fewer cases of deaths caused by opioids. There also would be fewer death deaths because the opioids are always found landing in the wrong hands just because the doctors do not follow up on this cases.


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