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Why Opioid Deaths Happen In Spurts

The reason why opiates and other prescriptions drugs are widely abused in the United States is their addictive nature. Studies have always shown that the people who end up with addictions do not even notice it when they slowly slip into it. What starts as a regular dosage to manage pain ends up becoming a major problem. It is even worse for those who use these drugs without prescription. Because of this, overdoses have become a regular coinsurance in various places. This is a disturbing trend that should be combated. So why is this epidemic so difficult to fight? Why do these deaths seem to happen in spurts?

The Drugs Bind to the Brain
One reason why I is quite difficult to reduce drug related deaths is the way that they bind to the most vital areas of the brain. For example, they are linked to the parts that control pains and emotions. This means that after prolonged usage, these drugs take control of the way you react to situations and how you react to pain. Once your emotions are pinned to drugs, it will be quite difficult to go through the day without them. This may seem like a normal thing. However, as time goes by, it becomes a problem that nobody can easily solve.

Drug Dependence Leads to Addiction
When a patient regularly uses drugs to control pains, the brain gets accustomed to the pattern. Even when you would handle the pain with ease, your brain will be thinking that you have to take something in order to feel better. Unknown to many people, this is how dependencies set in. You need to understand that even though pain killers are helpful, the body has its natural mechanisms to fight pain. In fact, your intervention should only come when the pain is too severe. Unfortunately, most people will rush for drugs at the slightest experience with pain.

Drugs Account for More Than Half of Deaths
One thing that should be so worrying is the recent revelation that among the deaths that have been reported this year, more than half were caused by drug abuse. Autopsies show that about 60 percent of deaths this year so far can be directly ;inked ti drugs. This is a sorry and dangerous state to be in as a nation. Considering that most of the people who die because of overdoses the youthful ones who should be working and contributing to the development of communities, it is difficult to imagine where things are headed to.

There is no doubt that the root cause of drug abuse is prescriptions that end up in the wrong hands. When patients get drugs that are likely to put them in line for addiction, that is when they lose it all. It therefore is important to ensure that proper programs are put in place t curb this abuse. Although the figures have been scary over the past few years, all has not been lost and the United States can still win the war against opioids and drugs abuse.


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