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Using Education to Fight Opiate Addiction

Have you ever heard of International Overdose Awareness Day? It's a day of educating people worldwide about the dangers of using drugs. This day is very important to the cause of teaching everyone that drug abuse can kill. Observing this day is one way of fighting addiction and helping drug users heal. It's proof positive that people will only stop abusing drugs when they learn and understand the facts. With patient education, prevention training, schoolwork, religious affiliation, and community action, people learn.

Patient education provides opiate users with an opportunity to learn ways to prevent drug abuse. Just sitting in classrooms and listening to someone isn't enough. Users must dedicate themselves to plans of action for improvement. When guest speakers, like police officers, come to classes and tell real stories of the near death experiences of addicts, it's time to get serious about life without drugs.

Studying new medicines, like the opiate antidote Narcan, also helps in the fight against addiction. Patients learn that they are worth saving and that opiate drugs, like heroin, won't always ruin their lives. Talking to these patients and their family members, health care professionals stress the social, emotional, and physical dangers of opiate addiction.

One way to stop opiate abuse is to teach the younger generations. By reaching them early, you can hope for the best in prevention training. All across America, schools are implementing programs that explain why drug use is harmful. In middle and high schools, young people are learning to say no to opiate drugs. Teachers use many methods to capture the students' attention, encouraging them to avoid the temptations of drug use.

Through lecture, presentation, and other educational activities, teens get a chance to see the drawbacks of doing drugs, especially opiates. Imagine their reaction to a lecture on the terrible symptoms of withdrawal or the possibility of overdose. The results of such a lesson would be thought-provoking and help them commit to making healthy choices.

Outside of the classroom, there are other options for using education to fight opiate addiction. Churches often get involved with the spread of anti-drug materials. You will see church leaders speaking out against drug usage in general. They are determined to give the message that the misuse and abuse of opiates is contrary to God's law.

Not only do opiates ravage the body and mind, but they also destroy the user's spirit. Even, community centers in neighborhoods across the country give out learning materials on the risks and treatment of opiate addicts. By educating the average citizen, churches and community centers do their fair share in the struggle to stop the opiate epidemic.

From the schools to the churches, there are sounding boards that communicate the battle against opiate abuse.

You can answer the call to save lives and fight the growing trend of opiate addiction. By staying informed and learning the facts, you will protect yourself and the ones you love from the horrors of abusing opiates. By spreading the word and helping others, you will succeed.


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