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There Now Is An Opiate-Addiction Implant For Those In Recovery

There now is an implant that can help opiate-addiction victims to get through the recovery process with a lot of ease. The main function of the implant is to quell any heroin cravings that might make one to relapse. It is usually inserted in the upper arm and can last for up to six months. It works in such a way that it releases continuous doses of buprenorphine. This is an opiate addiction recovery dose and can be replaced when the six months are over based on the condition of the patient. By all indications, this is going to be one of the easiest ways to help recovery patients especially, those who do not have anyone to monitor and take care of them.

One of the most notable things about the implant is that a patient who has it is not able to trade or sell any doses of buprenorphine. This has always been referred to as diverting drugs ad it is a major problem. Additionally, the patients cannot leave their drugs in any places where they are likely to be accessed by children. It is important to point out that several children have either died or become seriously ill because of ingesting these drugs. It is such incidents that prompted the authorities to review the drug management process and as a result, the implant was released in May.

Being the first among the implant versions of buprenorphine, Probuphine is one of the most common drugs used to treat addiction across the United States. According to government statistics, many people have abandoned the many options that were there before and are fast embracing the new approach. There are over one billion dollars of sales recorded daily under the drug’s brand name, Suboxone. If you look at the projections by experts, it is likely that these figures will continue to increase in the coming months and years unless something better is discovered.

At a meeting at the Hilton Hotel recently, several medical practitioners hunched over various tenderloins as they inserted the implants. One amazing thing is that they are as small as a matchstick and they are inserted using an applicator. Their leader keenly guided them through the steps as they injected a local anesthetic that covered the skin with a drape that had been sterilized. This was done as they inserted and removed the rods. They were using pork as their specimen to show people how to insert the implant correctly and ensure that t releases the right amounts of the drug.

If a doctor goes through enough practice, they implant or remove the implant is about 30 minutes. There are those who do it in 15 minutes though and it all depends on the experiences that they have gone through. Although few if any physicians have prescribed the drug yet, there is no doubt that it is one of the major breakthroughs in the fight against opiate addiction. It is a perfect way to manage those who quit by find themselves crawling back into the annoying habit.


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