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There Is Still Hope For Addicts Battling and Struggling With The Heroin Epidemic

On March 31st, 33-year-old Brandon Earl died in his house in DeMotte, Indiana because of a drug overdose, which is something that is not mentioned in his obituary. Brandon had spent the 10 years prior to his death struggling with his addiction and seeking affordable treatment. Per one of his friends, Brandon was always hopeful despite his struggle and he appreciated other people who managed to get rid of their addictions. He was not merely seeking help for himself, but for everyone else who was suffering from the same problem.

Brandon may have lost the battle, but his struggle was not futile. He had managed to spend nine months staying clean, eventually taking a batch laced with Fentanyl, which resulted in his relapse. Much like Brandon, most addicts struggle with getting clean, and feel ashamed and humiliated about seeking help. Hence, a support group has been created for addicts and their families, as a means of paying homage to Earl and to keep the hope that he had alive. “Recovering Hope: Fighting for A Drug Free Community” aims to help prevent and raise awareness about drug addiction.

In rural countries, there has been a particularly considerable surge in overdose deaths. Drugs like heroin and methamphetamine are being blamed for this since the chemicals they release makes users feel like they are at the top of the world. Consequently, these users become addicted and cannot stop themselves from pursuing that feeling, which eventually leads to overdoses.

“Recovering Hope” in the counties of Jasper and Newton, since there has been a sudden spike in drug overdose deaths there in recent times. However, soon addicts in all Northwest Indiana will be able to be a part of and seeking help from this support group.

Over the past week or so, nine people have died in Jasper county because of overdosing on heroin. Newton is also combating and struggling with the heroin epidemic, as is the rest of Northwest Indian. Fortunately, there have not been as many deaths in Newton since it is a relatively small county. However, drug providers from Illinois visit Newton frequently and even if one is taken down, they are quickly replaced by another. So, Illinois is currently being regarded as the source of the problem.

Addiction itself is a similar problem. Once a person like Brandon gets hooked to a drug like heroin, escaping its clutch seems nearly impossible, although it is not. After the launch of “Recovering Hope,” Brandon’s mother also joined the support group, but she is no longer actively a part of its outreach efforts since they remind her of her son’s struggle and death. Throughout those 10 years that Brandon struggled with and sought treatment for his addiction, his mother was always by his side. Despite their best combined efforts, her son did not make it in the end.

The support group was initially named “Brandon’s Hope,” but its name was later changed to “Recovering Hope,” so that they could reach out and offer help to addicts throughout Jasper and Newton counties. Addiction is like a disease and the struggle can be quite overwhelming, and since addicts are snubbed, they avoid seeking help. Fortunately, there is still hope, if support groups like “Recovering Hope” exist.


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