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There Are Enough Measures In Place To Fight Opioids Abuse

There are plans in place to prevent the abuse of prescription drugs. This is according to a new study that was released recently. However, the findings from the research show that even though these plans are in place, they are underutilized and this is the reason why there are increasing cases of addiction. In fact, most of the deaths that result for opioids abuse would have been prevented had the plans that have already been put in place been utilized. It is unfortunate that these findings come at a time when there is increasing concern over deaths that occur as a result of opioids abuse.

The situation is worse among celebrities because most of the recent deaths have been linked to an overdose. Most people remember the likes of Prince, and Hearth Ledger who are just but the latest additions to the lists of high profile victims to drug overdose. This is one of the reasons why legislators have called for tough measures to ensure that the menace is put under control. According to the latest statistics, the problem not only affects a specific group of people but is a common source of worry from teens to the elderly regardless of where they live or their backgrounds.

One of the findings in this study that are likely to baffle those who are involved in the war against opioids addictions is that there already exist programs for the addictions. Just because they are underutilized is the reason why the problem persists and is unlikely to come to an end any time soon. Maine, one of the hardest hit states in the US, is the major source of this report thus giving it more credibility. The overwhelming factor is that there are mixed situations and expectations; even though there are positive signs, there also are troubling trends.

According to investigators, there were a 38 percent of women who received prescriptions for opioids which is a powerful pain killing prescription. This represents women who are mostly in their 80's and who are likely to suffer from chronic ailments that cause unbearable pain. Even though it might be justified to give such medication to these women, it should be noted that there are those who get the prescriptions yet they do not need them at all. The worst fear is that the majority could be the ones that do not need the drugs. With provisions for alternative methods of managing pains, it baffles many that there still are people who just do not understand how to follow the measures that have already been put in place.

Researcher Stephanie Nichols of the Husson University school of Pharmacy on Bangor, Maine said that this trend was very concerning. According to this world renowned researcher, it is important for programs to be set up so that awareness campaigns can help to boot knowledge among the people. They should start using the plans that are already in place rather than waiting for new ones because that is the only way their can combat the epidemic.


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