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The State With Most Opioid-dependant People That Have Private Insurance

Cases of opioid dependency amongst people with private insurance have increased significantly in the recent past. This has in fact become a major concern to various agencies and professionals in the medical and health fields. Most of the people who are addicted to opioid usually start using the drugs as prescription drugs to get rid of pain. However, even after they have been healed they feel the urge to continue using them. With time they become fully addicted where they feel that they cannot survive without them. Stopping to use the drugs has become a major concern and one requires getting the necessary medical help so as to stop.

According to a recent study there are states that have more opioid-dependent patients with private insurance. The report says that doctors diagnosed more cases of opioid addiction for privately insured people in Kentucky. This particular state recorded the highest number of privately insured people who have the problem of abusing opioid. The study was based on the reports and records from professional doctors who treat the patients. The report even classified the affected people according to genders where majority of the people with this issue are men. The report goes further to cite some of the reasons why there are more addicted people in Kentucky than in any other state.

One of the reasons why Kentucky is rated first amongst the states with more cases of people who are privately insured and are addicted to opioid is that there are more elderly people in this state. It has been observed country wide that more elderly people are the ones who get addicted to this drug more because they are the ones more likely to be treated for chronic pains. The doctors usually recommend opioid as one form of treatments. Therefore, when the pain is over the people continue to use the drug to feel satisfied. Since Kentucky has more such cases it tends to have more people who are addicted.

Another reason according to this report is that people with private insurance in this area are better positioned to receive better medical attention. The population of this state has more people who can afford private insurance than most other places in the country. Such people when they visit medical center suffering from different types of pain they are treated using opiod since it is a costly drug. By using the drug for the right reason they eventually become addicted as they continue to use it. Finally they become dependent where they cannot survive without the drug.

This report has also classified Kentucky as a state that has more people who are likely to feel the urge to use the drugs even after its usefulness has been achieved. In this state the opioid is readily available from various places and therefore users do not have to struggle to get it. This has contributed significantly to the number of people who use it. Furthermore, the report states that most addicted people in this area are more likely to seek medical help especially because they have private insurance. Consequently, the medical centers are able to record such people which makes Kentucky the leading state by having most opioid-dependent patients with private insurance. 


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