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The Real Cost Of The Heroin Epidemic In Miami Valley 

In Miami Valley, the opioid and heroin epidemic is costing much more than just lives. According to recent investigations, the authorities are spending millions of dollars every year on recovery plans. These are funds drawn from the local tax dollars kitty and which would have been out to better use if the opioids problem was not as serious as it is. Indeed, many the government has had to increase allocations for recovery programs and provision of other services that are supposed to save lives. What is worrying is that even with the increased fun dinging, the epidemic is still claiming more causalities every year.

Increased Spending On The Epidemic
According to information released by the local government, there has been an increase of three million dollars in funds allocated to fight opioids and heroin over the past two years. The information also shows that the number of people dying because of drug overdoses has also been on the rise during that period. One thing that can be noted is that everyone is paying for these costs. Even if you do not know of a family member or anyone close to you who has been affected by this epidemic, you are paying for the taxes used to fight it and so, you are equally affected. This is the reason why the authorities have been advocating for a more measures to fight the problem.

An Expensive War
That the war against opioids and heroin in Miami Valley and many other parts of the country is an expensive affair is no longer in doubt. It is a problem that is impact8ng every aspect of life. For the locals, it is something that threatens to get out of hand. Apart from negatively affecting the general health of the citizens, it also is affecting the work force. People can no longer be as productive as they should be and therefore, the economy is impacted too. Local leaders say that families and neighborhoods have not been spared from the effect of these drugs. This is the reason why they are determined to work even harder so as to find a solution to this epidemic.

Emotional and Physical Effects
Apart from the financial effect on the economy, the drug menace has also been affecting people both physically and emotionally. It is baffling to note that the epidemic alone has been taking more than a third of the ADAMHS budget. This is despite the fact that that money is only being spent on about 8% of the population. There really are many other needs that the government should be spending their money on. Although the money being spent on the problem has been increasing every year, things have not been getting better.

With increased deaths resulting from accidental drug overdoses, there is need to reevaluate the way drugs have been impacting individual lives. Increased awareness and availability of recovery facilities can go a long way in helping to save lives. It also can ease the financial burden that has been created by the epidemic.


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