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The Opioid Epidemic In America Is Far Worse Than You Can Imagine

Solving a problem without understanding its magnitude is a  near impossible task. This is the reason America has been unable to effectively  fight the opioid epidemic. Over the years, the nation has been relying on false  data to plan how to mitigate this crisis. A recent study found out that the mortality  rates related to opioids in 2014 were 24% higher than what was reported. In the  same year, heroin mortality rates were actually 22% higher than what was quoted  in the statistics. Therefore, the government has been relying on false  information to plan for the effort to fight this problem, and that is where the  problem really is.

Why the Discrepancies?
The question that everyone is asking is why the official  data could be so wrong on a matter that is greatly affecting the country. There  are lots of people that are losing their lives every day. In fact, the deaths  resulting from drug abuse have overtaken those caused by motor accidents. It therefore  is baffling when you notice that the official records do not reflect the real situation  on the ground. One of the reasons behind this is the information that is entered  into the victim’s death certificate. Some hospitals usually do not enter all  the information. In addition, there families that do not want to make it known  that one of them has died because of opioid abuse.

Unspecified Drugs
In the study, the researchers found out that most of the  victims who dies because of overdoses had been labeled as having died of  unspecified drugs. It is such information that is entered into their death  certificates that made it difficult to come up with accurate statistics about  the real situation. In fact, it is almost impossible to find complete data on  some victims, and the researchers had to use other means to ascertain the real  cause of their death. I was baffling to find out that people who have obviously  overdosed had been recorded as having died of other illnesses. When the figures  were adjusted, the resultant reality was that the number of casualties that  were reported was way lower than what it really is.

Changing State Rankings
If you apply the information for this new study, you will  notice that the state rankings dramatically change. Opioid and heroin related  mortality in some states has been underreported more than others. For example,  Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana have not been some of the most meticulous  data recorders. Because of this, their new rates after adjustment were notably higher.  It is something that is likely to change the way the governments tackle this  problem. If they can rely on this new data, they may have the realest view of  the crisis yet. It also is important to note that the new finds show a different geographical pater that what was reported. Considering that the crisis is getting worse by the day, there is no doubt that the states should start using real; facts and data in their effort to save communities from the grueling effects.


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