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The Evolution Of Opiate Epidemic In U.S.

The devastating effects of opioids abuse in the United States have caught the attention of everyone including the presidential aspirants as well as the Congress. There was a bill tables before congress that sought to fund overdose and rehabilitation programs. According to the major stakeholders in the fight against drug abuse, funding has always been a major issue. For instance, even though most people are aware of what role they should do in order to stop the epidemic, they have always been limited because of funding. With such a bill in place, there is no doubt that things will get better.

One drug dealer from North Carolina who did not want to be mentioned by name because of his criminal activity is a clear example of how drug abuse has evolved I America. He was forced to talk about his life after he was himself overdosed with heroin. Although he is annoyed by this, he seems not afraid of what could have possibly happened had he not been saved. This is a reflection of the lives of most opioids abusers across the nation. Even though there are aware of the dangers, they seem more comfortable going on with the abuse than seeking help from the many facilities that have been set up by the government.

The drug dealer confesses that he has sold pills for a long time and he was successful at it. In fact, he points out that he made lots of money doing so because the demand was higher than he could supply. Although this was more than a decade ago, it can be noted that this was the time when prescription pain killers were the new magic drug in tow for people suffering from any type of pain. At that time, he was a teenager, yet, it was so easy for him to get any pill that he wanted from the nearest clinic. It did not seem like it was that difficult to walk up to any doctor and ask them for opioids because they would gladly give them.

One of the shocking statistics about his life is that even before he was 19, he already owned his own house, two cars and a motorcycle. Now, a teenager selling pills and owning a house as well as two cars is just a clear indication of how this has evolved. The rot can now be seen clearly even by those who thought that it would be easy to stop the abuse of opiates. Although this has led to many pill-mills being shut down, it is to be remembered that most pharmaceutical companies have come under scrutiny because of the addictive nature of these pills. Clearly, they should find some way of ensuring that they do not become too addictive, although, they already have.

According to the drug dealer, a pill that used to cost ten dollars now costs in the excess of one hundred. It is because most of the companies that used to manufacture them have been shut down and there are almost no pills to sell.


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