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Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Is Opiate Withdrawal in Newborns and Infants

The opiate epidemic is affecting countless lives worldwide. More and more information is coming out about how it is affecting the lives of the people directly related to the addict. Many friends and family members of the addicts become victims to their lies, manipulation, and broken hearts. Some addicts even commit physical crimes such as theft and abuse to their loved ones to get their drugs. No one is more of a victim than a child being born to an addicted mother. When a pregnant woman is addicted to opiates and continues to use throughout her pregnancy, she is putting..  - Read More

Babies Being Born To Opiate Addiction

A scary but growing problem in the United States is the number of infants being born with opiates in their systems. New research shows that the number of babies born in Massachusetts with opiates in their system is more than triple the national rate and far higher than the number tallied by state officials. As prescription opioid painkillers and heroin abuse continue to skyrocket all over the country, more and more women who are pregnant are giving birth to babies who are addicted to opiates. As a pregnant woman abuses opioids, the opiate is passes through the placenta to the..  - Read More

Opiate Abuse and Pregnant Mothers

Opiate addiction is affecting people from all walks of life. It does not matter what social background, race, religion or even where you live. Opiates seems to find their way to people in all cities and towns all across the country. I speak with thousands of people a year and everyone says that I would not believe how bad it is where they live. It is sad to say, but opiates are everywhere from the big cities to the smallest towns in America. It is affecting our nations youth and even has a hold on our elderly. One demographic that..  - Read More

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