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The State Of Ohio Is Currently The “Ground Zero” For The Opiate Epidemic

It is unfortunate that the state of Ohio, “The Buckeye State,” “The Heart of it All,” has now also been dubbed “ground zero” for the opiate epidemic that is plaguing the entire nation. Robert Sprague, an Ohio State Representative, recently revealed that approximately 8 people die in Ohio a day as a result of an opiate overdose, which is apparently relatively more compared to other states. Robert recently spoke at a Richland County Republican party luncheon where he was introduced as the “point person” of the legislature on the opiate epidemic. Robert further revealed that the heroin entering the United..  - Read More

Pharma And The Opioid Epidemic

Revelations that the number of people dying because of opioid abuse in the US has quadrupled are heartbreaking. The deaths have overtaken those caused by auto accidents or any other cause. The most painful part is that addictions are fueled by opiates which are intended to be used to treat chronic pain. From this, one would think that it is quite easy to fight this epidemic However, as the authorities have always said; it is getting worse by the day no matter what they do. It leaves one wondering; what is not being done right? Why can’t the epidemic be..  - Read More

Pregnant Heroin Addicts Undergo Treatment To Minimize Fetal Exposure

Extensive research concerning the developmental outcomes of kids exposed in utero to heroin, methadone and other opiates has been conducted since the 1970s. Researchers have followed opioid-exposed children through infancy, into pre-school years and well beyond, and findings are in general fairly consistent. Scientific evidence suggests that newborn babies of opiate-using mothers may suffer from what's medically known as the " neonatal abstinence syndrome" (NAS). Babies born with NAS may go through symptoms associated with opiate withdrawal, primarily central nervous system and digestive system-related symptoms such as poor feeding and poor weight gain mainly due to ineffective sucking, diarrhea, vomiting,..  - Read More

Heroin Addiction in Coldwater County, Michigan

On 3 November 2015, the Branch County Substance Abuse Task Force of Coldwater, Michigan released another informative article on Heroin abuse and addiction. According to this report, snorting, smoking, and injecting are still the most common methods through which people abuse the drug. Heroin is a highly addictive drug and goes by many street names that sometimes confuse law enforcement officers. Such names include china white, smack, Mexican black tar, dope, and white horse. Heroin, the report continues to say is an opiate derived from synthetic substances or more commonly from the flowers of the poppy plant. Unfortunately, all three..  - Read More

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