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Stopping Misuse Of Pain Pills To Avoid Opioid Epidemic

Gov. Jay Inslee believes that he has the right solution for fighting the ever worsening opioid epidemic. He says that if the country can prevent over-prescription and the subsequent misuse that comes with it, the epidemic will not be anything to worry about. He also says there should be improved treatment availability for those who are addicted to opioids. According to the governor, ensuring that overdoses are less deadly will go a long way to save the lives of many people across the country. These are measures that the governor arrived at after consultations with various health professionals and researchers..  - Read More

“360 Degree Strategy” To Address Opiate Epidemic

The United States Drugs Enforcement Administration in Louisville has announced that this is going to be the fourth city in the United States to enact a comprehensive strategy related to law enforcement and prevention with a view to cut down on the addictions to heroin and opiates. Under the 360 Degree strategy, cities that are hard hit by the heroin and prescription drug abuse problem will realize major changes to the way they handle this problem. It is a strategy that has been well thought out especially when you consider the fact that there has been a public outcry over..  - Read More

Democrats Want Action On Opiate Epidemic

Ohio lawmakers allied to the Democratic side are calling for more action to address the heroin epidemic that has affected the entire country Led by senate Minority Leader Joe Schiavoni, the legislators expressed their fear that unless more action is takes, a lot of people will lose their lives and this will have a big impact on the communities as well as the country at large. Their sentiments came in the wake of revelations that regardless of the efforts made by law enforcers and other agencies, the number of people getting addicted to heroin and opiates remains on the rise..  - Read More

What Led To The Opiate Epidemic? 

Marketing efforts in the early 2000s when Oxycontin was fronted as the best option to treat chronic pain marked the beginning of what is now a countrywide opiate epidemic. Leading pharmaceutical companies misled people to believe that opiates were a safe way to treat pain even though that was far from the truth. Before anyone could realize it, people were taking to this new method and by doing so, they were getting into a crisis that would later prove too difficult to correct. The desire by leading hospitals to be more aggressive in managing chronic pain only added to the..  - Read More

Canada Legalizes Medical-Grade Heroin For Doctors To Effectively Support And Treat Chronic Heroin Addicts

With North America having been devastated by the opioid overdose crisis, the Canadian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made quite a critical decision. Heroin can now be legally prescribed by a doctor to patient suffering from severe heroin addictions. The Canadian government approved these new rules just recently. In fact, it was last week that these rules went into effect. Now, any doctor in Canada can legally acquire and prescribe medical-grade heroin to specific patients by submitting an application to Health Canada, which is the national health department of the country. Under these new regulations,..  - Read More

Prescription PainKillers Could Be Driving High School Footballers Into Heroin Addiction

There have been various reports in the sports media over the past few years about young athletes who are addicted to prescription pain killers. According to these reports, some of these youths are high school footballers who are seeking to ease the pain that they experience because of tough training sessions and injuries. Eventually, the reports indicate, these footballers end up getting addicted to heroin and this affects their lives greatly. This is a trend that has been slowly growing over the years and currently, there is need to ensure that these teenagers do not end up messing their lives..  - Read More

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