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How Governor Christie Plans To Fight Opioid Addiction

A commission that is chaired by Gov. Chris Christie has released a preliminary report that requires President Donald Trump to declare opioid addiction a national emergency. In its report, the commission also wants the president to ensure that the Federal Government is put behind all the effort to fight this epidemic. This was arrived at after long hours of deliberations by the committee which was constituted after realizing that the situation was fast getting out of hand. They say that unless stern action is taken immediately, more lives will be lost in the near future than what has already been witnesses.Putting Full Weight Behind the Issue While noting..  - Read More

The Opioid Epidemic In America Is Far Worse Than You Can Imagine

Solving a problem without understanding its magnitude is a  near impossible task. This is the reason America has been unable to effectively  fight the opioid epidemic. Over the years, the nation has been relying on false  data to plan how to mitigate this crisis. A recent study found out that the mortality  rates related to opioids in 2014 were 24% higher than what was reported. In the  same year, heroin mortality rates were actually 22% higher than what was quoted  in the statistics. Therefore, the government has been relying on false  information to plan for the effort to fight this..  - Read More

19 Bills To End The Opiate Epidemic

Senator Jim Merritt is known for sponsoring various bills every year. Over the past few years, he has helped to create legislation that have changed the lives of Americans. However, things seem to be different this year. In fact, the Indianapolis Republican has indicated that he intends to spend more than three tomes the number of bills that he usually manages in a year. Most significantly, 19 out of his bills are meant to address the opioid epidemic that has thrown Americans into panic. Although these bills have yet to be discussed, there is no doubt that they are already..  - Read More

What Caused The Escalation Of The Heroin Epidemic?

In 2010, there was a reformulation of one of the most powerful painkillers, OxyContin. This was the starting pint for an epidemic of a heroin crisis that would sweep across the United Sates. Although there were cases of drug abuse before that time, it is obvious that the escalation was totally because of this reformation. In the years that followed, there was an explosion in heroin overdoses and deaths. Researchers have also found out that the trends in the supply and consumption of drugs changed after this incidence. This is the reason why they strongly believe that it is the..  - Read More

The State Of Ohio Is Currently The “Ground Zero” For The Opiate Epidemic

It is unfortunate that the state of Ohio, “The Buckeye State,” “The Heart of it All,” has now also been dubbed “ground zero” for the opiate epidemic that is plaguing the entire nation. Robert Sprague, an Ohio State Representative, recently revealed that approximately 8 people die in Ohio a day as a result of an opiate overdose, which is apparently relatively more compared to other states. Robert recently spoke at a Richland County Republican party luncheon where he was introduced as the “point person” of the legislature on the opiate epidemic. Robert further revealed that the heroin entering the United..  - Read More

Vermont Hopes To Escape The Nationwide Drug Epidemic Through A New Innovative Program

The heroin and opioid epidemic has been overwhelming the state of Vermont for quite some time now. Vermont locals have had to wait for weeks or even months to get into treatment facilities in order to curb their addiction to heroin and/or prescription opioid painkillers. This has put a large number of people at ongoing and persistent risk for dying from overdoses. As of now, Vermont is a state where defendants are even being offered contracts from some prosecutors so that that they do not have to face criminal charges, but are instead forced into recovery. However, drug addiction treatment..  - Read More

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