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Summit County Children Services Affected By The Opiate Epidemic

The heroin epidemic in Summit County has hit its worst levels in recent years according to recent assessments. According to statistics released recently, there was an increase of about 50 percent in the number of custody cases. The number of children who have been affected by opiate related cases is sharply rising and this points to an even deeper crisis. For instance, it is an indication that families are falling apart because of drugs and the communities are threatened. Summit County Children Services are concerned that if this trend escalates, things could get out of hand. This is the reason why are seeking immediate and long term solutions.

The Ever Rising Numbers
According to the children department, the number of custody cases rose from 78 per month to 113 per month. This only refers to those children who are removed from their homes because of various circumstances. One of these circumstances is the abuse of drugs by family members including parents. In total, there were 687 children in custody every month across the county. In as much as the department is carrying out its mandate to protect children from abuse, there is no doubt that the task before them is overwhelming. In as much as it is good to keep the kids in a safer lace, there is no doubt that they would be better off if they were staying with their families.

Funding The Activities
One of the problems faced by the children’s agency is that they do not have enough funds to carry out this task. On one hand, the number of children who have to be removed from their homes is increasing every day while on the other; the agency is struggling to get enough funds to handle the issue. This means that it may be a strenuous task to support those children unless a quick fix is found. One solution could be to get enough funds to serve all the kids. However, there is no doubt that the best solution would be to ensure that the number of children seeking these services drops. Once there are no heroin abuse cases among families, children will not have to be removed in the first place.

Insufficient Staff
The executive director of the children’s agency says that one of the biggest challenges that they face is finding enough workers to handle the children. At the moment, they are experiencing an all-time low staff because they can hardly afford to bring other professionals on board. This is despite the fact that the services of various professionals are required to ensure that children grow up properly and that their lives do not get affected by the effects of heroin on their parents or other close people.

To make matters worse, the stage aid that has helped these agencies to support children has decreased. Since this is something that affects children and not just the abusers, the best solution would be to use effective programs that can help adults to steer away from drug abuse and focus on n raising their families.


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