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Stopping Misuse Of Pain Pills To Avoid Opioid Epidemic

Gov. Jay Inslee believes that he has the right solution for fighting the ever worsening opioid epidemic. He says that if the country can prevent over-prescription and the subsequent misuse that comes with it, the epidemic will not be anything to worry about. He also says there should be improved treatment availability for those who are addicted to opioids. According to the governor, ensuring that overdoses are less deadly will go a long way to save the lives of many people across the country. These are measures that the governor arrived at after consultations with various health professionals and researchers that have been analyzing the situation.

This was announced during a ceremony that was held at the University of Washington Medical Center. While appealing to the locals to be vigilant enough to ensure that there will be a reduction in the number of deaths resulting from opioids, Inslee said that agencies will work with all the tribal governments as well as nonprofits groups and law enforcers to effect the changes. He said that powerful and addictive painkillers should come with clear instruction as to when and how they should be used. The expected result of this is to avoid fueling addiction when trying to treat pain. It would require the input of medical professionals to arrive at this.

It was discovered that deaths resulting from overdoses both opioids and heroin had reached an average of two people every day in Washington in 2015. This is just a reflection of the epidemic that is sweeping across the country and which is worse in many other states. What is worse is that most of the addictions to painkillers end up in heroin abuse which then leads to worse situation. This is the reason why the governor wants to start with fighting the misuse of drugs which is the root cause of the drug abuse epidemic. There has been a lot of focus in recent years about doctors who over-prescribe drugs either knowingly and unknowingly and how it ends up affecting the lives of people.

The Governor did not forget to remind the audience that opioids kill everyone. They do not select who to kill and who to spare as long as they are abused. Children are threatened and families are destabilized when members start taking drugs. The economy of the state and the country at large is threatened too. It therefore is baffling that there are people who still think that as long as a family member has not abused yet, they are not affected. They do not know about the jobs that are abandoned and the man hours that are lost from the productivity at work because of those who get addicted to opioids.

It however was noted that deaths from prescription pills abuse deaths have dropped in Washington. This could be an indication of some hope for the community although according to the governor, it does not mean that people should slow down in the fight against the epidemic. His recommendations, once implemented, might just be the solution that the community has been looking for.


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