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Staggering Heroin Epidemic Infiltrating Morris Area, NJ

One of the most difficult stages in the fight against drug abuse is detecting when someone is abusing anything. For parents, knowing when a child has started using drugs can be a big challenge. However, parents in Morris area have reason to smile because they have been given tools that can help them to spot a change in the behavior of their children. During the first ever meeting for Coalition for Education and Positive choices, a lot was discussed about the rampant drug abuse in the area and how it can be stopped. Drug proliferation presentations were also available to help people understand better.

It Affects Everyone
Mayor Mark Taylor kicked of the meeting by reminding the attendees that the drug epidemic affects everyone in the country. It could be a friend, a sibling, a parent or anyone else as long as you know them personally. And even whey u do not know them personally, the negative impact that the epidemic has on the community will still have an effect on all. The Mayor therefore told the meeting that one of the most important steps is to get information and awareness about the situation. He said that the problem had grown in epic proportions not just locally but in the entire country and the region.

The Problem Is Real And Here
Law enforcers from the Florham Park Police were the first with their presentation. First of all, they used their own encounters to let the community in the room to understand that the problem was real. They said that they know many families where the children get arrested for drugs. Others had come to the police to seek help because their sons had overdosed. Basing their presentations on the trends t5hat have been observed over the past few years, the officers noted that over half of the people who use cocaine have used Marijuana before. They also noted that about ten percent of heroin users used Marijuana before the age of 15.

Low Heroin Prices
According to the police records, the price of heroin is lowest in New Jersey when compared to all the other 50 states. What is worrying is that the journey to heroin addiction might be a legal one. Most people start with getting opiates from doctors to treat pain. Since these pills have the same reaction in the human body as heroin, it might not even be easy for the victim to know that they are slowly slumping into addiction. They get into heroin for the fact that whiles it retails for as little as three dollars, prescription opiates go for fifty and above.

In Morris County alone, there were about 200 deaths linked to heroin from 2004 – 2014.Since then, the numbers have been terrifying. With a death rate of more than 100,000 more than the national average, there is no doubt that a lot has to be done so as to contain the epidemic. Otherwise, cases of overdoses and deaths will continue to be reported in New Jersey while the community wonders what to do.


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