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Senators Call For Congressional Hearing On The Heroin Epidemic

The escalation of the heroin epidemic in the United States is now enough reason for the calling of a Congressional Hearing. Senators are concerned that the nation has never been faced with a great threat to national security that the tons of heroin that come from Afghanistan. Interestingly, Afghanistan is occupied by the US forced yet that is where the one of the biggest epidemics to be reported in the US is coming from. Although it is said that the drugs that enter America are almost all from Mexico, there is no doubt that Afghanistan is the world largest producer and so, it contributes immensely to the problem.

Increased Cultivation Of Opium
Indeed, it is baffling how the entire opium in Afghan grew from jut 7,600 to a mind boggling 224,000 hectors. Most of the Senators who responded to questions were all surprised at how big the heroin epidemic has grown. Over the years, the Senate has shown amazing unity when discussing matters relating to drug abuse. Senator Johnson of Wisconsin holds the view that there needs to be more amendments to the laws that help in the fight against drug abuse. He believes that the laws should also be designed to help veterans and other similar groups.

Families Largely Devastated
According to Senator John Corny, the abuse of drugs has largely devastated families as well as communities in various parts of the country. He said that it is a disturbing trend that requires the urgent attention of Congress. While noting that heroin related deaths have even overtaken by those caused by motor vehicle accidents, the Senator said that he believes that there is no more time to keep beating about the bush. He also pointed out that if the sitting is called, he is sure that Senators will unite and combine their ideas to come up with comprehensive laws that will save the American people from this epidemic.

In his view, Senator Chuck Grassley said that the epidemic is literary shattering families. He was particularly speaking about Iowa State where he says that the figures are heart breaking. He pointed out that it is a scourge that affects everyone indiscriminately and therefore, it should be combated. He probably was echoing the sentiments of many Americans including those who are not in the senate or even in any type of leadership. He also wants the approval of a medication that can work so fast that it reverses overdose effects immediately to prevent people from dying.

One fact that cannot be ignored is the fact that drug cartels are always evolving. When new legislation is put in place, they always find a way of reinventing themselves to remain in the business. And as they make billions from their trade, Americans lose their lives. The best way to handle this, according to most senators who think that a congressional hearing should be called, is to keep shaping the laws so that they take into account the modern challenges that communities as well as law enforces face when trying to stop drug abuse.


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