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Rules For Drug Companies Loosened Amid The Opioid Epidemic

One of the times when politicians show amazing unity is when they are discussing the opioid epidemic. This is the time when every politician will tell you that they are fully committed. At every level of government, everyone is talking about the epidemic and the effects that it has had on the lives of people. It therefore can be baffling to note that the problem is still growing every day and deaths are increasing every year. What could be the problem? If everyone is fully committed, why then is the epidemic continuing to claim the lives of many Americans regardless of their race, age and other factors?

In his latest proposal, President Obama said that he plans to spend a billion dollars on new measures to combat the epidemic. A huge amount of that budget is supposed to go to the construction and equipping of new treatment programs. It is a topic that has not been taken lightly by the main candidates on the campaign trail. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have consistently said that there is a need for a lasting solution to the ravages of addiction. It is the same topic that is being discussed I the Congress Most notable is a bill that they passed earlier this month that is aimed to curb overdoses improve recovery programs ad also bolster law enforcement.

However, in the midst of all these measures, one thing is disturbing: the government seems to give too much space to the pharmaceutical industry, yet they are the ones responsible for manufacturing and supplying these drugs. Just this spring, the lawmakers passed a bill with no public opposition and very little attention to make it even harder for the government to take action against the manufacturers. What5 is even more baffling is the fact that the president promptly signed the bill into law and the big industries now enjoy what looks like a reprieve from the same government that is supposed to control them and protect the addicts.

Among the most notable aspects of the law is that it allows any company that has been accused of failure to report suspicious orders of dangerous drugs to simply submit a corrective action plan. The purpose of such a plan is to convince the Drug Enforcement administration so that they do not go ahead with proceedings against them. They can either stop or postpone these proceedings. The bar for DEA suspend the licenses of such companies has also been raised meaning that it has become even harder to hold them accountable for the orders that they process and supply.

The orders were fully embraced by most manufacturers, wholesalers as well as he main layers in the distribution chain. However, most activists who have been involved I the fight against opiates and heroin say that it is a dangerous move that is likely to undo all the gains made in the fight against the epidemic. To many, it is like making several steps backward after making a lot of progress in combating addiction.


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