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Prescription PainKillers Could Be Driving High School Footballers Into Heroin Addiction

There have been various reports in the sports media over the past few years about young athletes who are addicted to prescription pain killers. According to these reports, some of these youths are high school footballers who are seeking to ease the pain that they experience because of tough training sessions and injuries. Eventually, the reports indicate, these footballers end up getting addicted to heroin and this affects their lives greatly. This is a trend that has been slowly growing over the years and currently, there is need to ensure that these teenagers do not end up messing their lives because of drug abuse.

One of the reports that was titled 'How painkillers are turning young athletes into heroin addicts’, shows the damaging truth behind addiction to prescription painkillers. According to statistics presented there in, most of these youths do not even realize it when they get into addiction. Most of them believe that they are only easing away the pain and that they will become more productive on the field. However, before anyone can help them, they are already addicted to these drugs and are even seeking for stronger options. That is where they start consuming drugs such as heroin and for a long time, they get hooked to them.

If you carefully look at the stories and theories advanced by most of these reports, you easily will note that they all revolve around young athletes including footballers who were directed to use prescribed pain killers to sustain an injury. Most of these athletes are male. According to the reports; because they are the ones who are always keen to get rid of an injury fast so as to play for the favorite teams. Most of the times, the painkillers are prescribed after surgery or treatment of serious injuries. Because they are supposed to be ingested for a longer period, the user ends up developing a dependence on them and so, it becomes difficult to let them go even after the injury heals.

What many people have failed to follow is the way that when consuming these painkillers, the youths end up in heroin addiction. Indeed, the escalation between painkillers and heron can sometimes be so fast that even the victim might not notice it. One thing that should be noted is that unlike the painkillers, heroin is more available. It can be found in almost every corner in some neighborhoods. It can also be supplied just by making a phone call unlike the other options where one would have to look for a prescription. In addition to that, heroin is a much cheaper option meaning that the youths can then find it easily.

Among most Americans, these stories somehow resonate. The rise of painkiller abuse and heroin addiction is something that is happening in every state. In addition to that, most families as well as communities are losing their loved ones because of heroin overdoses almost every day. For the addicts, the recover process can be a difficult one especially without the right information.


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