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Opioid Addiction Leads To Expensive Foster Care In Oregon

The opioid epidemic that is sweeping through the country has not spared the state of Oregon. It is particularly dire in the rural areas where people use a wide variety of drugs, and the communities are now feeling the effects. Most women who give birth while hooked on drugs have to give their children away because they can hardly take care of them. There are those who put the kids up for adoption, while others prefer to put them under foster care. However, there is a new problem; the cost of foster care has now risen thanks to the opioid crisis.

More children being put up for adoptionBecause there are many women who are now hooked on opioids, the number of children being send to foster care has risen. These women have no idea what it takes to raise a child. In fact, most of them get pregnant without planning for it because they are always high on drugs. Because of these, those who run foster care services are overwhelmed with requests. It is this sharp rise in demand that has triggered them to raise their fees. If you thought that you will only be required to pay a small amount as used to be the case, you need to think again because you will be in for a rude shock once you make an inquiry.

No Place to Go
The sad part is that the children who are in the foster care system actually have no place to go. If they are not taken in, they will have to go back to their drug addicted parents. There is no chance for them there and therefore, these care systems have to find a way of accommodating them. There are those that have had to expand their facilities including creating room for more beds and such things. It is because even though they are overwhelmed by the task that is laced before them, they have no choice but to take in these
children who have a right to a better future even though their parents are addicts.

Lack of Guidance
In Oregon, it has also been noted that a majority of children who go through foster care systems lack guidance. Some of them do not even know why they are there, and they have no idea of what will become of them. Those who are lucky have state appointed advocates to take care of them. However, the rest have to rely on other options. The care that they get in these systems should therefore be high quality to ensure that they become good citizens regardless of their family backgrounds.

Although many people only think about accommodating more children in foster care systems, the truth is that the solution is in eradicating the opioid epidemic. There would be significantly few children in these systems if parents had the time to take care of their kids. Considering the fact that opioid addiction is a nationwide epidemic, Oregon can get better, if it is fought from all levels of government.


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