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New Recommendations To Save Palm Beach County From The Heroin Epidemic

Officials in Palm Beach County are considering recommendations aimed at reducing the effect of opioids. The recommendations were presented by a national task force that was set up to find ways to handle the heroin epidemic. Among the 20 recommendations, the officials want naloxone to be made available to all first responders. Naloxone is a drug used to reverse the effects of opioids and has been widely used to save overdosed victims. According to recent surveys, there are people who have lost their lives because they could not access naloxone fast enough. In some cases, the amounts available were not enough to save all the victims.

Indigent Treatment Options
The 50 page report also recommends the expansion of indigent treatment options. According to the officials, one of the reasons why the opioid epidemic is claiming to many lives is because of overreliance on a few options. They want the community to be empowered so that they understand the availability of various methods that can be used to save lives. Statistics who that more people are losing their lives because of drugs and so, there is need for constant educations in order to help the residents overcome these effects. According to one of the leaders in the county, some people do not even know what to do in case a person gets overdosed.

Clean Syringe Programs
They are also advocating for the launch of clean syringe programs. In their view, such programs are likely to promote more awareness thus making it easier to tackle the effects of opioids. They say that such programs have been successful elsewhere. Indeed, these programs have helped many people to reduce the dangers associated with the abuse of opiates. They cited various counties in other regions that have elaborate programs making it easy for the residents to access all the information and help that they may need. With such programs, there will be a better platform through which people can help each other to eliminate the dangers posed by this epidemic.

Teach Children About the Dangers of Drugs
Schools have also been urged to start educational programs that teach children about the dangers associated with drugs. If they can start learning at an early stage in life, they will find it much easier to avoid falling victims. A lack of education specifically targeting the opioid epidemic is one of the reasons why there are many people in the community who do not know about these dangers. Kids do not understand what they should do in case a person gets overdosed at home. In fact, studies show that there are children who use these drugs without the knowledge of their parents. 

If these recommendations are enacted, there will be hope for the county which is one of the regions that have been hardest hit by this epidemic. Recent studies show that deaths have been on the rise even though the authorities have been working round the clock to ensure that the menace does not go on. With collective responsibility and increased awareness, there is no doubt that tackling the problem will be much easier.


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