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New Law To Help In Fight Against Opiate Epidemic 

Statistics show that on average, at least one person died every day in the Cleveland area because of prescription drugs or heroin overdose. This grim record which represents a trend that has been developing over the years is a worrying one considering the fact that it is projected to rise unless urgent measures are taken to combat the epidemic. Although this is an epidemic that has been affecting people all over the country, one cannot ignore the fact that it is getting worse in this area and so, the recently enacted Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery laws should offer some fresh hope to the locals.

If you thought that last year was the worst ever, you need to see the statistics from this year. All indications show that the situation is twice as bad as it was last year. Not less than two people lose their lives every day because of opioid overdoses and this seems to get out of control no matter what the authorities or the community does. In 2016, already more than 230 people from the Greater Cleveland have lost their lives because of drug overdoses. The entrance of even deadlier drugs such as fentanyl and synthetic heroin has only made the situation worse. 

This situation is not just happening in Cleveland alone. It is happening all over Ohio and the entire country. If you read reports from other states, you will notice that Americans are faced with a common enemy in the form of drug abuse. Sadly, it does not affect a few urban youth as it used to do. Nowadays, people of all ages and backgrounds are losing their lives because of drug overdoses. Even those who were known to never get anywhere close to drugs are suffering from the epidemic too. It therefore means that in order to successfully fight this problem, there needs to be firm laws.

If you move a step higher to look at the national statistics, you will be saddened. Urgently, an American succumbs to drug overdose every 12 minutes. It is not surprising that drug overdoses are now the leading cause of accidental deaths across the country having surpassed auto accidents and any others. It is getting worse with each day yet there are laws being made in the senate and at many other levels of government to combat it. Every leader talks of how important it is to save Americans from the effects of drug abuse yet the problems grows every day.

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, CARA, offers the much needed basis on which the fight against drug abuse can be developed. At least, there is a law that recognizes that addiction is a disease and not just a behavior. The community needs to think of better ways of managing addicts in order to be able to fight the epidemic. With the law already in place after receiving overwhelming support in the senate, there is no doubt that an area such as Cleveland can hope for a better society free from drug abuse.


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