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Medical Examiner's Office Helping In Fighting Heroin Abuse In West New York

Experts have come out to suggest the best way to attack a heroin epidemic such as the one facing Western New York. This is one of the areas in the entire country where opiates have been abused according to statistics from both the local and federal authorities. Erie County Health Commissioner, Dr. Gale Burstein, says that one does not just jump into addressing the problem. According to the experienced health expert, it is important to measure the problem before doing anything else. This would give you an understanding of what exactly you are faced with ad help you to come up with t right combative measures.

The normal procedure is that the Medical Examiner office takes responsibility for measuring and counting. This office is located on the west side of Erie County and you can sight it by a green sign. What is baffling, however, is that most of the people that live around this area and the entire New York in general are oblivious of what goes on in that office. Ask anyone on the streets to eve tell you where the office is and they probably will not know. This is a shocking revelation considering the fact that there have been calls for everyone to be involved in the fight against heroin abuse.

Inside the office, there is a trio of medical examiners who work closely with six toxicologists. The main responsibility of these people is to determine exactly how someone died. With reference to opiate overdose, these workers are always seeking to find out just how bad the epidemic is in this area. They are the professionals who will tell you the devastating effect of such abuse and just how the pills affect the functionality of the body leading to seizures and deaths. On a daily basis, they examine victims of heroin abuse and document the data which is later used in the fight against the epidemic.

The effort, which is led by Director Blank, has clear goals. They aim to give families closure with regard to what happened to the victim. They want the close family members to know how their loved one died and so, they help them to avoid any possible deaths resulting from the same cause. What is important in this case is to give out the information as soon as possible considering the fact that families cannot be kept waiting for too long. Indeed, operations at the office are often expedited although there always are some challenges to overcome. Communication is a key factor I the process because a family needs to know what has been done and what still remains to be accomplished.

In some cases, a single case can take up to a month to come to a conclusion. This is a major challenge to the office especially if you consider the fact that Erie county has been singled out as one of the areas in New York that have been flooded with cases of opiates abuse. Hopefully, the community will unite if fighting this epidemic.


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