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Is Naloxone A Cure For Heroin Overdose? 

Everyone knows about naloxone, the drug that is widely used to reverse an opioid overdose. Sheriffs and other rescue offices often carry enough amounts with them just in case they are required to save a life. However, something happened in Portland, ME last month that shocked everyone: The drug could not revive a woman who had overdosed. After taking too much heroin and getting overdosed, the men that were close to her tried to inject her with naloxone with the hope that they would bring her back to consciousness. They were forced to call 911 after it became clear that no amount of the drug could revive her.

When firefighters arrived to save the woman in her 30's, the only option that they had was to administer oxygen so as to improve her breathing. By this time, her lips were blue and the ski had turned grey. However, as she was still resting unconscious on the asphalt, the paramedics injected another dose of naloxone into her arm and her eyes popped open. Although she was still disoriented, it was a great relief to everyone around because they had thought for a moment that the antidote would not revive here. They were a few minutes of panicking and confusion for everyone. It is at this point that the paramedics whisked her to hospital using a stretcher.

The story of the woman is neither new nor unique. There are hundreds of people who get overdosed every day across the country and their only way of revival is through the use of naloxone. Many call it the Miracle Drug because of the effectiveness that is associated with it. What makes it even better is that it has been proven to carry no health risk. Even when a person who is not overdosed is injected with this drug, there are no negative effects that will be caused. Unlike heroin which is addictive, you cannot abuse naloxone and no matter how long you use it, you will not be addicted to its usage.

According surveys, the use of naloxone has increased and it is no longer used only in medical settings. Although it was available in these stings since 1970's, many people are now using it to save lives in almost any part of the country. This has been necessitated by statistics that show that over 70 people die every day because of drug overdoses. That is why you are likely to find the drug in the hands of an ordinary citizen as well as in homes. In fact, the police cannot go on general patrol without naloxone because they never know when they will be called upon to save a life.

There however are people who argue that over-dependence on the drug to help save overdose victims is not a god idea. Just recently, the Governor of Maine vetoed recommendations that sought to make the drug available to the general public. His recommendations were however overridden by the state and so, Maine is one of the 34 states where naloxone is easily accessible.


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