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How Wilmington Will Convince Legislators To Address The Opiate Epidemic

Leaders from Wilmington are planning a retreat to plan how they will convince Congress to address the opiate epidemic. Concerned that the drug abuse crisis in the state is getting out of hand, the leaders believe that it can only be effectively tackled is the right legislation is put in place. They comprise of medical professionals, elected leaders, as well as law enforcement officers. The main agenda of the retreat is to ensure that a clear road map is created that will convince Congress on how the state can effectively combat the epidemic.

Hardest hit region
One of their biggest concerns is that the state is one of the hardest hit regions according to the federal government statistics. Consisting of about thirty leaders drawn from all over the county, the leaders had an earlier meeting which saw them come up with this initiative. One of the petitions that they plan to deliver to Congress is a request for relief. Funding has been a major issue especially in this region and that is one of the reasons why fighting drug abuse has been a challenge. Of course, there are many other requests that could come out of their upcoming meeting.

Focusing on solutions
The legislative affairs liaison in Wilmington, Tony McEwen, says that it is better for the state to stop fretting over the issue and focus on solving it. They believe that is their recommendations are adopted, they will be a nationwide leader in the fight against epidemics. Going forward, they want to create solutions that work. He noted that they have been through so many meetings and resolutions to fight addiction yet the numbers keep rising. They can no longer continue doing the same thing and that is why they want to come up with comprehensive recommendations which they will deliver to Washington.

Funding for treatment options
According to minutes from the previous meeting, there are various themes that were discussed. For instance, the leaders considered more funding for the treatment options. They particularly pointed out that funding from the state towards naloxone was crucial in the fight against drug abuse and addiction cases. Overdosing has been one of the leading causes of deaths over the past few years. They also want enhancements to some registry which will be used to monitor patients that have been recommended to use narcotics. This is a clear insight about the petition that the group is likely to send to Congress after the next meeting.

One thing that is clear according to the resolutions by the leaders is that there is need for action. They are tired of too much talk that yields nothing yet people continue to die from overdosing while others are getting into addiction every day. If they are successful, there might be hope in Wilmington that families will no longer have to worry about the addiction problems. They will see their sons and everyone else become productive again and contribute to the well-being of the community. In addition to that, there is the worry that some of the abusers could be very young.


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