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How The Opioid Epidemic Sweeps From New England To Los Angeles

From New England to Los Angeles, the opioid epidemic has been casing sleepless nights to families, communities and authorities. The effects of abusing opiates have been felt far and wide. Over the years, people have watched helplessly and their loved ones succumb to the effects of drugs. There are orphans, widows, and childless families thanks to drug abuse. No matter where you live in America, you can see the devastating reality that has been caused by this condition. People overdosing in corn fields in rural areas or street corners in cities have become a common scene. However, it is the way that these drugs are distributed that has made it difficult to combat the problem. 

Smuggling Across the Boarders
Although the United States is one of the countries across the globe with the tightest border security, there are lots of drugs that get into the country through border entry points. The most common one is the Mexican border where drugs from South America are trafficked into the country. This is done I a variety of ways thus making it difficult for the authorities to stop it. You however have to applaud the law enforces because even with so much trickery, they have arrested thousands of people who had tried to get drugs into the country. These include even the most feared drug lords.

Interstate Highways Are Perfect Trading Zones
The main way through which heron and other opiates are trafficked to various states across the United States is through intestate highways. These are usually busy highways with so many activities going on there. Similarly, traffickers have found it the perfect place to do their business. They use these roads to deliver their products to distributors that connect them to retailers and consumers. This is where they make their deals away from the eyes of the vigilant law enforcers.

Smart Trick Used to Avoid Arrest
Since the law enforcers have been using intelligence to crack down on drug traffickers and consumers, those in this business have come up with smarter ways to evade arrest. For instance, most of them do not sale heroin in its original form. They disguise it for other genuine products. Recently, the police arrested a young boy who was carrying pills that looked like ordinary medicine. However, when they were tested, the officers were shocked to find out that it was indeed heroin that had been coated with other substances. These traffickers are also lacing popular drinks with heroin before selling them. The saddest part is that the drinks find their way to almost every part of the country including schools.

There is no state that has been spared by this epidemic and so, it is important for legislators and law enforcers to work hard when it comes to combating it. One of the most effective solutions would be to find a way of treating severe pain without fueling addiction among patients. Preventing prescription drugs from finding their way into the wrong hand could also help to stop the ever increasing cases of overdoses and deaths.


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