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How America Is Fighting The Opioid Epidemic

It is crystal clear that Americans are in the middle of a terrifying opioid epidemic. News of people overdosing come from all corners. Some of them are rescued in alleys, bathrooms, bedrooms and all over the country. You might be baffled to learn that there are those who are found overdosed in cornfields. It therefore only makes sense if people stop talking about the problem and focus on solution. No matter what brought about the problem, all the energy that Americans still have should be directed towards eliminating it. The lawmakers, doctors, lawyers are all trying their best to slow down the death rate.

The Immunity Laws
It is a common fear across the country that calling 911 when someone overdoses could lead to arrest. What some people do not know that there are Good Samaritan laws in most states that protect those who opt to call rescuers whenever someone overdoses. For instance, the immunity laws that were introduced in Washington in 2010 led to an increase in reported cases. As a result, more lives were saved. However, the problem is that only a third of the people in that state knows about this policy and so, the do not fully use it. It is important to know about such provisions because they can save a life.

Crackdown By Police
Reports indicate that in Western Pennsylvania, people were dying just yards of within each other in the summer of 2015. According to an attorney from the state, drug dealers have caused more havoc to the community than murderers. This is the reason why if prosecutors can prove that a dealer’s product caused the death of an addict, they can seek for harsh senses including life imprisonment. Although not all states apply these laws, there is no doubt that it can go a long way in saving lives. 

Profiling Of Addicts
One of the most commonly used products in managing addiction is methadone. Scientific evidence shows that a daily dose is all that an addict needs. What is disturbing, however, are reports that there are people who have been stopped and frisked outside clinics by law enforcers. Most of these reports come from New York where an estimated 40 percent of patients have reported being frisked. IN as much as the law enforces should be alert all the time, such kind of profiling may not bring forth the desired results. In fact, it is likely to undo the gains that have already been made through collective effort.

It also is important to offer training to doctors. Although there are patients who get opioids to manage pains after surgery and similar operations, doctors might not notice it when their patients start showing signs of addictions. If a patient comes back several months after the treatment and asks for opioids even when the doctor knows that they do not need it, it means that there is a problem. The problem, however, is that some practitioners may not even notice it. They might end up supplying opioids to patients without knowing that they are actually fueling addiction instead of fighting it.


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