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High School Gets Proactive With Teens Over Opioids Abuse

Although reports indicate that there has been a significant reduction in the number of high school students who use opioids, there is something more serious to worry about. Everyone might be celebrating that abuse among this group has dropped to an all-time low. However, the number of addicts between ages 18 and 25 has grown by more than double. The most likely explanation to this could be that although students avoid drugs in high school, they cannot just keep of them once they are through. And this is supposed to be a generation that contributes to national development.

Need For More Enlightenment
Because of these statistics, some high schools have initiated programs to enlighten teens on the dangers that are associated with the abuse of prescription drugs. This has also been inspired by the understanding that 45 percent of heroin users are also addicted to prescription drugs. This definitely is a good move especially when you consider that shaping their thinking at such an early stage is likely to influence the way they live their lives later. It is important for them to know that this is a public health crisis that can completely ruin the life of a person,

Educating Teens On Angers Of Abusing Drugs
A teacher in West Virginia recently said that they found it necessary to educate the teens about the dangers of drug abuse because they noticed that they all are affected. A simple survey carried out at one school shows that almost every student has a story of someone who has been addicted to drugs. It could be someone in the family, in the neighborhood or just anyone else close. Considering that they are just young, such stories might end up affect them. Unless they are let to know the reasons why those people close to them are hooked to drugs, and why they should avoid getting into similar situations, there is likelihood that they too will start using the drugs.

A Club Targeting Students
The teachers therefore created a club that targets middle as well as high school students in their county. They say that this is not the first of its kind because there was another version that has existed for several years. The older version was formed to specifically deal with the epidemic that was ravaging the community. The purpose of this club is simple. The teenagers meet every week to discuss and learn about drug addiction and abuse topics. The ultimate goal is to help the teenagers to avoid getting into addiction. So far, the club has had a good impact.

However, the students do not just go for lessons. They also have trips and fun retreats. Considering their age, the teachers do not want to make them attend boring sessions. It also is a good way to keep them interested in the club which now boasts of an ever growing membership. If the teachers can be successful to impact values in students from such an early age, there is no doubt that the community will have a bright future to look forward to. Such an approach should be duplicated across more schools.


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