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Heroin Reach Extends To The Children Of Addicts In The Lehigh Valley

The Story of Tracy Maholland, a recovering drug addict who had to raise her children when she was addicted to drugs, is a true representation of how heroin is accessible even by the children of addicts. She had to spend much of her time struggling with addiction and even serving jail terms when her children looked up to her for guidance through the pitfalls of childhood. In fact, her sixteen year old child ended up fighting an addiction too and most of her children had to spend long spells with their grandparents because their mother was incapable of taking care of them.

Maholland has now been sober for eighteen months and she can now reflect on the kind of life that she lived as she continues with her recovery effort. She points out that she came closest to losing her children during the time when she was hooked to drugs. Now, she says that her family is doing much better than ever before. Before she started the recovery program, she did not even want her children to know what she was doing. However, she has learned to embrace everything and now, the children are happy because of it, and she is happy too. It is like the whole family has been reborn.

In as much as the story of Maholland may sound like a movie script, the truth is that it is commonplace nowadays. In Pennsylvania, the epidemic is made worse because of the fact that there is easy access to cheap drugs. In addition to that, over prescription of pain killers has proved to be a major gateway for addicts. As the state grapples with the heroin epidemic, there are many challenges that they have to overcome. For instance, most families are still reluctant to talk publicly about addiction and how it impacts on their children. This has always been attributed to the shame and stigma associated with addiction.

In this area, stories of drug abuse are usually kept to intensive care units in hospitals. Here, you will be deafened by the cries of babies who are born dependent on opiates. It is heartbreaking to see babies having to spend their first weeks after birth in withdrawal. People also prefer to talk about addiction when they are in social work halls where case workers try their best to keep families together. These workers try their best to ensure that the addiction of a mom or dad does not cause harm to their children. This has always proved to be a major challenge as most of the advice goes unheeded.

You also are likely to hear about addiction stories in police logs that document parents that make it a habit to overdose in the presence of their children. Such parents often endanger their children in unkempt homes especially when they tag them in tow to drug deals. These cases only show that children in Lehigh Valley and all over the country are constantly exposed to situations that could them into young addicts an so, things have to change.


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