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Heroin Epidemic Forces Grandmothers To Raise Grandchildren

Grandmothers are supposed to be enjoying their golden years. At their age, they have done their part in building the nation, and they deserve to rest and relax. They should be enjoying their retirement, and watching their children bring up their families. However, things are quite different in today’s America, and it is all thanks to the drug addiction problem. Grandmas have had to take care of their grandchildren because their parents do not have the capacity to do. Hooked on drugs, young parents can only watch helplessly as their families fall apart, and it has become an important role for grandparents to step in and save the situation.

Addictions and Deaths
The problem is not just with addictions. In as much as these grandmothers are taking care of their kids because their young parents are always high on drugs, there is a situation that is worse. Some of these kids have lost their parents because of drug overdoses. There are kids who do not even have any idea of how their parents looked like. Some of them lost their fathers even before they were born, and their mothers almost immediately after birth. It is
a disturbing situation that communities across the country have had to live with. In addition to that, these kids have to be content with being raised by their grandmother's instead of energetic young parents.

Strenuous Role
There is no doubt that rising kids whose parents are victims of drug addiction is a strenuous role for grandmas. These are people who have lost the vigor I life. They were once young parents and they did their job well. However, at their age now, all they need is rest. They may no longer have the energy to take children to clinics, festivals, kids’ parties, and ensure that they go to school. It is a role that may cause them a lot of stress. Because of this, the old mothers need assistance when it comes to this. Although there are those who end up putting the kinds through foster care systems, there are others who love their grandchildren so much and therefore, they will do anything to raise them on their own.

The Way Forward
Whether the grandmas like playing this role, or they have had to do it because of the circumstances, one thing that is for sure is that something has to be done. Addressing the root cause of the problem is the only way to ensure that parents raise their kids, and not pass the responsibility to others just because of drugs. Combating the opioid and heroin epidemic is a sure way to bring back sanity to families. The best part is that it is a possible
cause as long as the involved parties have the will.

Both the state and Federal governments should work together to fight the addiction crisis. Law enforcement officers can also help to take this burden off the shoulders of these grandmas by using more effective methods to address the issue, and achieve better results without having to take too long.


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