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Heroin Epidemic Adds To Chicago's Violent Crimes Crisis 

Although Chicago city has been the center of violent crimes for many years, it seems that that is not all that the residents should be worried about. The Heroin abuse epidemic has also been claiming lives in similar ways that violent crimes have been doing for years. One of the residents recently came to tears when she narrated how bodies of people who had died due to overdosing were being collected. Will County Crooner says that sometimes, the bodies are several every week. What is even more worrying is that this has been going on year after year yet instead of the numbers reducing, they keep rising. The law enforcers say that they always have a hunch about the cause of the deaths even before they see the toxicology reports.

Everyone Is Affected
One of the most notable things about the drug addicts who die because of drug overdoses is that they are of all types. Some of them are athletes, housewives and even grandparents. The police say that they also have collected bodies of cheerleaders and even students who are graded as straight As. A look at their age tells a lot too. They are as young as 17 and as old as 72. This is a clear indication that the heroin epidemic in this city does not discriminate. It affects everyone and this is cause of alarm. With such statistics, there is no doubt that Chicago has a lot to do when it comes to combating the heroin epidemic.

A Quitter Crisis Looming
For a city that has been engulfed in a violent crimes epidemic over the past few years, what they would not want is another crisis that takes away too many lives. Statistics show that the number of people who shot in a year is more than 3000 while homicides have claimed over 500. Yet, there is a more quitter crisis that is also looming. Officials say that in the Metropolitan area, the percentage of those who were admitted for heroin treatment is way more than the national average. The leaders believe that there are many reasons why this is so. For instance, it has always been reported that there a very easy access to heroin in this city.

Highest Room Visits
In addition to that, the city also recorded the highest number of room visits that were attributed to heroin. The Chicago Wes Side recorded the majority of these visits according to study released recently. The Department of Public Health has indicated that the numbers have been going up every time. This is nothing but baffling especially when the efforts to fight drug addiction have been always on the agenda of every leader. With new measures introduced every year, one wonders why the epidemic grows. 

All in all, what is without a doubt is that there is need for more action to save the victims from deaths, and the families from the agony that they have to endure every day. Police records show that some of the overdosed victims have been picked in unexpected areas such as cornfields.


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