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Heroin Epidemic Adds To Chicago's Problems

In Chicago, the year has so far been characterized by violence and bloodshed. The locals are living in constant fear because of the over 500 homicides as well as 3000 victims of gunshots that have so far been reported. However, even as the city lives in this fear, there is something that is even more worrying – the heroin epidemic. Just like violence, the deaths resulting from heroin have been sharply increasing and the authorities seem to be overwhelmed by the magnitude. Police crooners say that they have reached a point where they already have a hunch about the cause of death even before they receive a medical report about it.

The heroin situation in Chicago is so serious that it is affecting everyone indiscriminately. According to police reports, students as well as housewives and athletes are all dying because of heroin. It is surprising to note from the records that even grandparents are not spared. There also have been cheerleaders who died because of overdoses when they thought that they were having fun and supporting their favorite teams. As a result, the community is devastated. There is almost no family that is not affected either directly or indirectly because of deaths caused by heroin.

Police reports also show that in the Chicago metropolis, the percentage of people who are admitted to hospital because of heroin is almost doubt that of the nation. A recent study also shows that the number of emergency room visits in Chicago is the leading in the entire country. This has left many people wondering; why would the situation be so bad despite the awareness efforts made by both the federal and state governments? One out of every four opioid related visits was reported in the west side making it the highest in the entire state.

Sites such as needles in the cornfields are a coming thing in Chicago and the entire Illinois state. This is where most of the deaths occur. Police also say that such sites are the most notorious when it comes to picking up people who have been overdosed since that is where most of the rescues have occurred. This has led to the police and other stakeholders that are involved in the fight against the opioid epidemic to find more effective ways to fight the problem and save the lives of the people. It is a disturbing site to see people who would otherwise be productive citizens being lost to the epidemic.

One of the most disturbing revelations is that the number of deaths resulting from the opioid epidemic could be higher that reported. This is because some of the casualties are not always reported as heroin deaths because some families prefer to conceal the information. Whether this is because of stigma or other causes, what is without a doubt is that a lot has to be done to curb this. All hope is not however lost because with collective effort, there are likely to be reduced reports of deaths occurring because of this opioid epidemic not just in Chicago but the entire country.


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