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Grandparents In Sea Isle City Attend Presentation About The City’s Worsening Heroin/Opioid Epidemic

Sea Isle City in New Jersey is a beach town that is full of modern oceanfront houses, restaurants and yacht clubs. It would be hard to be that the nationwide heroin epidemic has been gripping this city as well, but this is actually true.

No doubt, Sea Isle City has a reputation for being a city ideal for families and for having a deluxe atmosphere. However, this does not mean that it is invulnerable to the heroin crisis that has spread like wildfire throughout the United States.

In order to emphasize the hazards of drug addiction, Sea Isle held two public forums in city on October 13th. The two forums also included a presentation for the city’s senior citizens. Judging from the shocking information about drug addiction that was revealed during this presentation, it is understandable why the seniors found it both frightening and knowledgeable, especially because all of them have grandchildren.

Since the percentage of opioid use in the city has been soaring, there are already several public forums that enlighten parents and young people about the perils of heroin. That is why grandparents were specifically the focus of this program. One addiction expert claimed that even the misuse of the medications that senior citizens have in their houses may lead to addiction. Grandparents may not be able to keep a watchful eye on their medicine cabinets and their grandkids may their prescribed medication to use them as a drug.

The presentation was made at the Park Road school in the afternoon and there were 100 seniors in attendance. They informed and warned grandparents to be wary about what might be happening around them and what their grandkids could be doing just to get high.

The availability of heroin astonished many of the grandparents and they will likely pass on the information delivered in the presentation onto their children.

The crowd was also informed that easily accessible medicine cabinets is where suburban, white teeangers (the typical heroin users of today) get started with opioid use that leads to addiction. The grandparents who had not taken a look at the drugs in their medicine cabinet for quite a while were advised to take those drugs over to their police department.

Considering that the heroin epidemic in New Jersey is only worsening day by day, Sea Isle City want the local seniors to know about the risky behavior grandkids could or might be engaging in. Such risky behavior includes indulging in pancake and syrup parties, pharming or pill parties, or Skittles parties, all of which involve the use combinations of unknown drugs by young people. Thus, family time has become all the more crucial in order to fight this addiction epidemic.

Most of the grandchildren were attending to ensure the safety of their grandchildren. Every week, there are local news stories about heroin-related drug busts, and opioid addiction is even mentioned in certain obituaries. Heroin have apparently taken the place of marijuana as one of the major concern for the city’s parents and grandparents. Unlike marijuana, heroin happens to be extremely addiction and that is what everyone is worried about, fearing that someone in their family might get addicted.

When compared to opioid pills, heroin apparently also happens to be relatively cheaper and more affordable for the addicts. Hence, many residents within the city are struggling with heroin addiction. Grandparents needed to be informed about this scenario because there were plenty of things they were not aware of, they had no clue of what their grandchildren could potentially or might already be doing.

Just by being more watchful s much as they can and keep a vigilant eye on what is happening around them, these grandparents can ensure that no young person in their family becomes addicted to heroin.


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