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Former Heroin Addict Helps To Fight The Epidemic

When Pam Nickisher started using opiates and heroin, she had no idea that she was getting into a problem that would be very difficult to stop. She was still a teen and as a young adult, all that she was looking for was fun. However, things changed from one stage to another and before she realized what she was getting into, she was already facing one of the biggest problems in her life. As a teenager, she remembers alternating between periods of a drug free life ad relapsing all the time. She clearly needed help but she did not know what to do or even where to start.

Now aged 46, Pam recalls the situations that she went through. There were long periods when she was totally clean ad it seemed like she had stopped taking opiates ad heron completely. In fact, there was time when she thought she had overcome everything and she excelled in her studies. She graduated Rutgers Law School after successfully completing her studies at the Douglass College. However, just like the case with every other addict, the habit seemed to always find a way back into her life and the story was always the same. Such was the story of her young adult life as the addiction seemed to always pull her back.

Today, Pam is now a criminal investigator and has also established herself as a drug and alcohol counselor. She says that she has now been substance free for six years and she has not gone back to the addiction as she used to do in her earlier years. She also runs a non-profit company in Brunswick which she uses to help trauma and substance abuse victims through yoga. Being a specialist at one of the rehabilitation centers in her home town, she says that she finds it easy to help drug abusers because she can identify with their suffering. It is something that she has been through and so, she understands exactly how they are suffering.

She said that her fortunes did not change until she had to deal with some of the events that defied her childhood. As it turns out, she is a victim of physical violence that she was exposed to when she was a child. That, coupled with the fact that she had also offered from trauma are some of the reasons why she was so deeply buried into drug abuse. Had she not dealt with these realities, she probably would not have overcome the drug abuse ordeal. The coping skills that she has developed in order to lead a healthy life did not come easily because she had to sacrifice a lot.

According to Pam, one of her greatest joys is to know that she can help someone to get out of drugs through her training and yoga. More often, she is called upon to deliver speeches at town hall events and major learning institutions. It is a job that is fulfilling, especially when she remembers what she had to go through during her earlier years in addiction.


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