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Food And Music Event To Target Heroin Addiction Among Young People

Because of the rise in the abuse of opiate based prescription medicines as well as heroin the members of Tecumseh Rotary Club have decided to take a stand. The club has been working hard over the past to prevent prescription drugs from getting into the wrong hand, especially teenagers. However, this has only seen the epidemic worsen and so, there is an urgent need to use other measures. According to a news release, members of this club feel that the community does not want to accept that there is a problem. They take too long to realize that young people in this area need assistance to avoid drug abuse.

One of the steps that have been taken by the Rotary Club is to engage young people through a festival that will be held on August 3rd. The Summer Celebration of Food and Music will run from noon and midnight and is expected to attract lots of participants. Some of the things to expect include live music as well as a wide variety of food. There also will be a silent auction that will allow people to bit on items and there also will be a chance for those who want to make donations. The proceeds from this event will be channeled towards fighting the heroin abuse epidemic. It definitely is an event that will be beneficial to all.

There are various groups that are scheduled to perform on that day. Whether you are a fan of Los Hermanos Villegas, Paragon, or The No Fun Zone, you can be sure that there will be lots of music to enjoy. Other groups expected at the event include Dime Store Brats, Picking Roots, Valarie Palmieri Orchestra, and Store Brats. There also will be various groups that will be performing specifically for the youngsters. Clears, this is a wide collection of music that will keep everyone entertained throughout the event. At the end of the day, what matters is that the young people are made aware of the devastating effects of heroin abuse.

David Panian, the club’s president said that they have lined up a variety of music, including tejano, country, and rock so as to meet the expectations of the young people who will be attending this event. David, who also doubles up as an editor for the Daily Telegram was quick to point out that the opiate addiction problems everyone. The additional strain on the healthcare system as well as law enforcement is a clear indication that everyone is affected even if you do not know of anyone who is addicted. It therefore is important for the communities to come together and help those who are addicted while at the same time preventing people who might be tempted to get into the abuse process.

The event organizer said that she knows the effects of abuse too well. She narrated how her daughter was lost into heroin abuse until they had no hope of ever recovering her. The story of her daughter is a reflection of what many young people go through some in silence and others in denial.


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