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Enough Is Enough: County Official Pledges Action On Heroin Epidemic

Melissa McKinlay, who is the County Commissioner of Palm Beach has been frightened by the effect that heroin has to the lives of people after she heard the death of her chief aide’s daughter, Tasha McCraw. The incident has prompted the commissioner to intervene on the initiatives that the local state government is undertaking to deal with the problem of opioid epidemic. She goes further to emphasize how she is convinced that enough is enough for the government to take action. In fact, it is reported that the drug is feared to have gone with the lives of about 216 during the year 2015 and is purporting to reach a 300 figure in 2016. Opiate is killing young people leaving their friends and families in miserable circumstance. McKinlay vows to talk to the other government officials to see to it that those addicted in opiate to get treatment and reduce the intensity of the problem. The positive side of this initiative is seen in the four other commissioners who are ready to listen to the matter at the table.

Mack Bernard reports that the drug is a health crisis that requires an immediate action before it gets out of control. David Kerner, the former police officer, indicates that he purposes to set the issue of heroin addiction into the key priorities that will need close attention; He goes further to elaborate that the drug is a public health problem that is to be dealt with by the stakeholders. Things went wild when the former assistant state attorney, who was also a star dies. Kerner promises to start working on the issue immediately she is sworn into office. He has identified the use Criminal Justice Commission to deal with this problem, with the help of the two commissioners. Kerner is even ready to spend more funds on the drug problem through the use of the Medical Examiner. He believes that the best way of dealing with those who are addicted so that they cannot die before they can be subjected to treatment. Kerner is much moved by the incident, and he has made it clear that he is determined to have a countrywide plan to rescue the addicted into the normal life where they can contribute to the economic growth of the government. Easton, on the other hand, blames the misfortune of the deceased on the lack of money.

The ministry of health is full of corruption especially as seen from the FBI investigation that led to the arrest of the culprits. McKinlay also looks at the way those who are arrested are left to go back on their own when they are not prepared because of the limited rehabilitation equipment. Commissioner Paulette Burdick, on the other hand, said that she would pay for more beds to the hospitals so that they continue to increase the information that circulates in almost all part of the world in an initiative to deal with heroin addiction. There are many initiatives put up by the commissioners to ensure the families are helped by accessing many treatment centers. Similarly, there are strategies to deal with the issue of the drug overdose by pressurizing the government to provide safe places for people to go when they need help. The journey to fight opioid is for every individual since its addiction does not discriminate.


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