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Employers' Role In Fighting Opioid Epidemic In Ohio

Employers in Ohio are faced with a difficult situation when it comes to hiring new employees. This is because of the opioid epidemic that is causing a lot of trouble in the area, just like in many other parts of the country. Even after more than 50 years in this business, some employers are admitting that they are now faced with a novel workplace issue. It is almost becoming impossible to find conscious people that pass a drug test in order to work in the many companies that are based in the area. It is now common to find restaurant owners saying that the could not find servers simply because they have chosen t implement a drug free place at the workplace.

Numbers are Double the National Average
Ohio Senator says that the situation is fast getting out of hand if the statistics are anything to go by. Indeed, the number of addictions and casualties in this state now stands at more than double the national average. Government statistics places it at number four among the states that have the highest deaths that result from overdoses. It is a reality that has hit the community hard, and employers are now feeling the effect. Without eligible people to fill the thousands of available job positions, there is no doubt that the economy is being hot hard apart from families having to live with unproductive people.

The Impact on Businesses and Employers
The impact of the opioid problem on business and employers can be clearly seen in this area. When people that are struggling with addiction are allowed to work, they simply struggle throughout the whole shift. In fact, even the employer can see that they are putting these people at risk, apart from exposing others to the same dangers too. An addict is not healthy, and may not have the energy to carry out the work that is expected from them. In addition to that, when they are intoxicated, they definitely are not in the right state of mind to carry out their duties. At the end of the day, they might just end up with more serious problems and this will affect the employer too.

Private Sector Employers Unsure of How to Act
This situation has left private sector employers in a dilemma because they are not sure of what to do. On one hand, they need workers in order to keep their businesses going yet on the other, they understand that it is a big risk to trust addicts and anyone that has not passed the drug test with such a task. Most of them are opting to join their resources in the treatment and rehabilitation of such employees.

One of the approaches that they have opted for is to find people to talk to them. These employers are organizing town hall conferences and other programs with the aim of talking to people and getting them out of the crisis. They find real people who have been through the problem to share their experiences and motivate those who are still hooked on opioids.


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