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Each & Every U.S. Citizen Is Bearing The Cost Of The War On Drugs

Annually, millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money is being spent on fighting the worsening heroin epidemic that has been plaguing the country. Over the past two years, there has been a $3 million rise in the amount of money that the community contributes towards combating the war on heroin and opioids. Yet, accidental drug overdoses continue to take lives. Something needs to be done because those leading this war claim that each and every U.S. citizen is bearing its cost. The price of the war on drugs is high.

Just about every detail and facet of lives throughout Montgomery County are suffering because of this epidemic. Everything from health to the job force to the well-being of family, friends and other loved ones are being impacted by this epidemic, which is the reason it needs to be restrained before it gets out of hand. Heroin and opioid addictions are taking an emotional, financial and physical toll on everyone.

The Alcohol, Drug Addiction Mental Health Services Board for Montgomery County for Montgomery County currently spends one-third of its budget on fighting the heroin epidemic. However, merely 8% of locals are effectively receiving services from ADAMHS, so it seems that the community’s money would likely be best spent elsewhere. It is unfortunate that this problem keeps on worsening despite the rise in the amount of money being spent on it. The community is at the losing end of this war since accidental drug overdoses continue to take place and the lives of people are constantly being affected.

Even coroner's offices across the country are jam-packed due to all the accidental drug overdose-related deaths that have been occurring and outside testing is taking up far more money than ever before. A major reason behind all of this is that drug addicts have started to mix together all sorts of drugs and dying as a result of using them.

Pinpointing the substances in such drug concoctions that may have contributed to the death of a certain individual requires considerable effort, time and tools. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of overdose deaths taking place on a weekly basis in Montgomery County. Due to a shortage of budget, there are not even sufficient resources and staff members to deal with and handle these deaths.

Despite all of this, ADAMHS is doing everything it can to combat this issue. Funds continue to be spent not only to treat patients suffering from heroin and opioid addictions, but also to educate them and their loves ones. Of course, their budget is limited and all of it cannot be spent on the war on drugs. Even mentally ill patients receive services from ADAMHS. Moreover, they also provide their services to those who are addict to drugs other than heroin or opioids. Hence, they have to spread out their resources evenly.

Apparently, public awareness is the key to ensuring that institutions and organizations like ADAMHS have the resources to effectively battle the heroin and opioid epidemic. People should start speaking about addiction and drugs in their families, especially to their children. It is the youth that needs to be educated about the hazards of drug addiction, above all. Furthermore, people should also begin using alternative pain medications that do not contain opioids since they are the root of the issue.


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