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Debate Over Curbing Heroin Addiction

The closed-door talks about the budget that are going on in Harrisburg hold the future for thousands of people who are caught up in the deadly heroin whirl in Pennsylvania. According to statics, the talks are likely to throw into confusion thousands of people who do not even know how or where to access these drugs considering the fact that everything is based on funding and budgeting. According to reliable sources, the talks have been ongoing behind the closed doors for some time now and it remains a mystery to those who are affected by the nationwide epidemic.

There have been two distinct approaches that have been suggested to helping the heroin abusers. One of them is based on medicines that act as an antidote so as to reduce the addictions while the other revolves around long term rehabilitation measures. Because of the two proposals, a political fight has been triggered between two groups that support either side. This has also been characterized by strong lobbying which is the reason why the talks seem to have stalled. Usually, the budgeting process takes a very short time and is usually glitch-free because of wide consultations. The effect of this situation can obviously be felt among the people.

Senate President Pro Tempore Joseph Scarnati last week told Gov. To wolf that DASPOP had an unrivalled control over the state agency. In a letter that was majorly circulated, he said that they favored long term treatment and would lobby everyone to ensure that the same is supported. On Wednesday morning, Senator Kim ward also said that she was planning to question the relationship because she believed that there was much better that could be done than what the drug victims were getting. According to her, the stalemate affected more that heroin addicts in Pennsylvania than anyone else.

It is important to point out that Wolf is a Democrat while the other leaders including Scarnati who hails from Jefferson County and Ward who comes from Westmoreland County are all republicans. From the grassroots, most people have been clamoring for a solution that will help to curb the heroin addiction menace in the state regardless of the party affiliations. In as much as everyone has their own party, what is important is for the residents to get the best solution because at the end of the day, the epidemic affects all people regardless of the party that they support. Indeed, the closed-door battles need to come to an end.

Ward was quoted as saying that they want to make sure that whoever is doing the lobbying is doing so on behalf of the people. According to the leader, something seems off and that is the reason why there has been a stalemate. As far as the lobbying is concerned, one thing that is for sure is that the response on the ground has been consistent; the people want a solution that will help to deal with the drug problem once and for all and restore the glory of Pennsylvanians.


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