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Colonial Heights City Leading The Way In Fighting Addiction

Colonial Heights City has shown that is a leader when it comes to fighting the opioid and heroin epidemic. Over the past several months, the city has been leading in educating community members on the dangers that they are exposed to when they engage in the abuse of drugs. This is despite the fact that the region has been thoroughly swept by the epidemic, just like most other parts of the country. The initiatives taken to educate community members have received praise from various quarters especially because they are focused on creating awareness and prevent the problem before it occurs.

Proud of the Effort
One of the community members that helped to organize various summits locally said that she is proud of the effort. She also added that the main aim is to make their community aware of the magnitude of the problem that they are faced with in the name of drug abuse. They are also aiming to be part of the solution for those that are already affected. Her enthusiasm reflects the hope and determination that the community has when it comes to combating one of the biggest problems that Americans face today.

Dramatic Rise in Opioid Related Deaths
In Virginia, the dramatic deaths resulting from opioid overdoses has caused worries and panic. The fact that over 1000 people overdosed in 2016 is reason enough for the community to seek urgent solutions. What makes it worse is that this figure reflects over twice the number of those that overdosed in 2010. Having killed more people than car accidents and gun shootings, it is difficult to imagine how the situation will be in the coming years if it is not addressed today. Just like Virginia, other parts of the country are suffering too.

Stepping Up the Fight
The last six months have seen a major rise in efforts to combat the opioid epidemic in Colonial Heights. The city has been the host to two high profile summit meetings that seek to find both short term and long term solutions to the problem. Once every citizen is aware of how extensive the epidemic is, there will be less addiction cases. At least, this is what is projected to happen going by the plans of the organizers of these meetings. In addition to that, they plan to set up more meetings because they have yet to reach everyone, They also fear that unless they move with speed, it might be too late to save a life that is getting wasted in addition because people do not have the right information yet.

Mayor of Colonial Heights City, Gregory Kochuba, said that the key fact in this fight is communication. They want to communicate the message that the city is going through a serious problem. However, that is not all that they want to do. They also want these people to understand that even though the problem is a tough one, there are individuals, organizations and government departments out there willing to help them get back to the healthy lifestyle that they deserve.


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